Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge - briefing


Operation: Colombian Subterfuge
Case Officer: Maria da Assunção “C.O.” Andrade Esteves
Technical Operations: Marshall Flinkman
Field Operatives: Solana Belasco, Oxana Petrova, Tui Tukiwaho
Base Of Operations: Metrópole, Amazonia
Client: Horizon’s Dawkins Group

Operational Overview:

  • Working in and around Bogotá
  • Applying subtle manipulations to alter the fortunes of the war in Amazonia’s favour
  • At client’s request, all operational information will be provided on a need-to-know basis

This is not the kind of mission we would ordinarily select your team for, however Tui Tukiwaho submitted a formal request for live-fire training and this seemed to fit the bill. Marshall Flinkmann will provide remote support as normal.

The client has provided an intelligence dossier and some mission-specific equipment (below) alongside your standard Aegis Cognito loadout. The client has indicated that the mission-specific equipment is yours to keep or dispose of as you wish once the mission is complete.

We do not anticipate that the mission will take longer than 7-10 days. Given the peculiar nature of the mission, we will treat it as two separate assignments in terms of pay.

Charter flight from Galeão-Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport in Metrópole to an airstrip c. 120km south of Bogotá. You will be furnished with a suitable vehicle containing your mission-specific equipment there.

Mission-Specific Equipment:

  • 2 large pots of nanopaste disguise each
  • Aztlan-sanctioned H&K G12A3z each
    • [Assault Rifles, DV 6P vs. B-1, SA/BF/BF-L/FA, RC 4, 32 ©] with Folding Stock, Gas-Vent 2 System, Laser Sight
  • Aztlan-sanctioned Savalette Guardian each
    • [Pistols, DV 5P vs. B-1, SA/BF, RC 2, 12 ©] with Smartgun System (Internal)
  • Aztlan-issue survival knife each
    • [Blades, DV (STR/2) + 1P vs. I-1]
  • Aztlan military uniform each (individually tailored)
  • Fake Aztlan military SIN each (Rating 5)
  • Set of Aztlan-issue light military grade armour each (14/10 protection, individually fitted)
    • Mobility upgrade rating 3
    • Quick Release
    • Responsive Interface Gear
    • Biomonitor
    • Helmet with wireless military commlink (Device Rating 6), camera, flare compensation, image link and smartlink
      • Full suite of Common Use Programs (Copy Protected, Ergonomic, Registration) and Hacking Programs (Copy Protected, Limited – see below, Registration) at Rating 6
        • Hacking programs will not work when used against Horizon employees or on Horizon nodes.
  • 1 week’s worth of MRE rations each
  • Bottle of water purification tablets each
  • 1 Ares Thunderstruck Gauss Rifle, 10 rounds, one power cell
  • 2 codes for Orbital Strikes from a Loki Orbital Deployment System (expires at mission end, only to be used if you encounter difficulties with Aztlan out in the field)
  • 1 camouflage net
  • 200 rounds of regular assault rifle ammunition
  • 200 rounds of regular heavy pistol ammunition
  • Intelligence dossier on the region and the Aztlan military



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