Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge - briefing, part two


Operation: Colombian Subterfuge (part two)
Case Officer: Maria da Assunção “C.O.” Andrade Esteves
Technical Operations: Marshall Flinkman
Field Operatives: Solana Belasco, Oxana Petrova, Tui Tukiwaho
Base Of Operations: In the field
Client: Horizon’s Dawkins Group

Operational Overview:

  • Travel to the Amazonian city of Icana, where Aztlan have established a Forward Operating Base
  • Infiltrate the Operations Centre in the F.O.B.’s HQ building to allow Marshall hacking access
  • Locate and terminate any double-agents in the base from a list provided

You will be provided with new etcher nanites by your local contact. You will rendezvous with Amazonian guerrillas 2hrs outside Icana and provided with a captured Aztlan tank in need of repair, images of the original crew, and replacement uniforms and armour. You are to impersonate the tank crew and take the damaged vehicle into the base for repairs. Then travel cross-country to the base.

Once you have infiltrated the Operations Centre, connect your AC-issue commlink to the relevant nodes and signal Marshall. His role is to replace existing targeting co-ordinates for upcoming airstrikes by Aztlan drones with those created by Amazonian intelligence; he must also upload several encrypted files to the node where general orders are stored.

The names of five Amazonian warriors suspected of being Aztlaner spies follow this paragraph. If you encounter any of them in the base, your orders are to kill them whilst avoiding capture yourselves. Once your mission is complete, you can leave the base by whatever means you have available, contact “Agent” and arrange extraction to Metrópole.

  • Juliana Oliveira
  • Matheus Pereira
  • Lucas Santos
  • Amanda da Silva
  • Gabriel de Souza

Travel from Bogotá to meeting point using milspec Humvee, already issued.



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