Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge - downtime (post-part two)

  • In the days and weeks since your debriefing and safe arrival home, the United Nations sends inspectors into Aztlan to inspect other POW camps, looking for (and finding) additional abuse of prisoners.
  • In the course of their investigation, the UN inspectors discover at least four mass graves, each one containing more than a thousand bodies.
  • A leak from the Icana Forward Operating Base reveals that high-ranking Aztlan and Aztechnology officers signed off on and sanctioned the mass executions for prisoners who were deemed “unworthy” of being offered in blood magic sacrifice, and the same officers sanctioned the creation of those mass graves.
    • Seventy of the names of the thousands of prisoners that were identified in those mass graves are individuals you liberated from Medellin (and whose existence was not acknowledged by previous news reports).
    • In addition, the names of those prisoners who had died in the Medellin camp, along with those that you recovered from the camp, are on those lists.
  • According to Amazonia, the DNA matches that the UN inspectors have been making in the graves correspond to missing fighters who were believed to have been taken prisoner by Aztlan.
  • Other documents, recovered in various other Aztlan installations, imply that Aztlan used another couple of thousand Amazonian prisoners as blood sacrifices.
  • As a result of these findings, the UN places stringent embargos and sanctions on Aztlan with the Corporate Court’s blessing.
  • In wake of the warrants for war crimes, the prisoner abuse scandals, the friendly fire incidents, and the ambushes, the Amazonian forces rally and push the Aztlan forces back. They manage to break through Aztlan lines twice, reclaiming some of the territory that Aztlan had won earlier in the war.
  • Although the war is not over by any means, it is clear that Amazonia has found a second wind in the fighting, and that it will be months, if not years, before a final victor can be determined.
  • C.O. is incredibly pleased with your work, and invites you to submit requests for changes to your standard loadout through her (i.e. in this downtime submission). If there are items you don’t use, ask not to have them or to have something else; if you’d rather have different ammo, ask for it; whatever you want, within reason, they’ll provide.
  • She also reminds you of the Employee Benefits scheme , which she encourages you all to take advantage of to get those “hard to reach” augmentations or foci.



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