Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge - part one

  • Briefing with C.O. and Marshall as normal. Amazonian office is nicer than the other carbon-copies you’ve seen before.
  • Flight in on a cargo plane (Horizon Skybarge) loaded with lots of supplies for the front line. You get given inoculations for the region by Oxana.
  • En route, the plane is painted by SAMs. One hit the vehicle but Tui and Oxana managed enough repairs to land safely, weaving its way through heavy fire and nearby explosions. Touches down safely on a large, open field. Met by “Agent” who hands them the keys to their new vehicle (Ares Milspec Humvee) but provides the first step of the job – find and prepare to infiltrate an Aztlan POW camp (getting the next stage of the mission once preparations are complete)
    • Much scurrying by the ground crew who load pallets onto appropriate trucks while others refuel the plane and restock countermeasures.
  • Then it’s time to travel through the rainforest!
    • You drove through the site of a recent battle, seeing dead soldier strewn about on the rainforest floor. One dozen gnawers and ghouls were feeding on the soldiers’ remains. Oxana drove through the scene at pace.
    • Upon reaching a wide river after about 6hrs of driving, it turner out the bridge had been burnt out or blown up by guerrillas, so you lost another 3hrs finding another place to cross.
    • At some point on the other side of the river, you crossed into the territory of a feathered serpent. It attacked you, but Tui and Solana managed to kill it while Oxana drove deftly through the trees.



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