Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge - part ten

  • In the safehouse, you read the news, healed up, Solana bound her spirit again, and you generally got your shit together. You geared up and headed out to meet with Agent down near Icana, following a quick discussion with C.O. and Marshall about the task at hand.
  • A discussion of ethics led to the team realising/remembering quite how naïve Marshall is
  • Your journey through the jungle was without incident, and you rendezvoused with Agent and some guerrillas easily enough. They provided replacement uniforms and armour, to match up with the tank crew whose identities you were to assume with nanopaste disguises and a Cellular Glove Moulder to spoof their fingerprints.
  • The guerrillas warned you that, in order for the plan to work, fellow Amazonians couldn’t know about your true allegiances. Thus, you’re like to be engaged by them – but they asked you to use non-lethal means if possible.
  • You set off in the battered tank, but en route were almost ambushed by six Amazonian guerrillas, all of whom you believe to be vampires. In the ensuing conflict, most of them were very badly injured, and Tui fired an incendiary minigrenade into the jungle, starting a localised conflagration only stopped by the damp wood of the rainforest.
  • Travelling further on, you passed through an Aztlan encampment at night, successfully leaving them convinced that you’re fellow Aztlaners.
  • Much closer to the destination, the tank came under mortar fire. Due to some excellent driving from Oxana, you sustained no damage and carried on towards Icana.
  • The team successfully talked their way in, their fake fingerprints fooling the scanners. The team went to the Tank & Armored Vehicle Motor Pool #2 building, where the mechanic informed them that they would be assigned to another tank and sent out in convoy in 14 hours.


  • Looking for a free tent (of which there were several), the team spotted Lucas Santos playing poker with some off-duty guards. He announced that he had just one hour left before his flight left.
  • The team split up, with Solana going for a jog to check out exit routes, hidey-holes and the general layout of the site; Oxana heading to HQ to try to investigate the access to the Ops room; and Tui settling down to play poker and keep an eye on Lucas.
  • Lucas announced, in an annoyed fashion, that his flight was delayed because a fellow passenger had been called into a meeting.
  • Around this time, Oxana saw Amanda da Silva head into HQ. After a short conflab over comms, the team elected to complete the primary objective and then sabotage the flight.
  • Tui checked the feasibility of inserting grenades into Lucas’ pack, but didn’t feel confident making the attempt given how many pairs of suspicious eyes there were at the poker table.
  • Oxana plugged the wireless adapters into the relevant nodes and then Marshall did what was necessary.
  • The team assembled at the Mess Hall and watched Amanda and Lucas board their LAV. Tui called in the last remaining Loki strike, but it went off-course and hit some 220m away, destroying a section of jungle.
  • The entire base went on high alert at this point, as Amanda and Lucas were hustled off the LAV. Once the soldiers were scrambling to their positions, Lucas headed back to the LAV to wait, and Amanda went into the Mess Hall.
  • Solana left with the other soldiers, giving her Guardian Spirit (a jaguar) instructions to go and kill Lucas in the LAV, which it accomplished gleefully.
  • In the Mess Hall, Oxana and Tui managed to sneak away (helped by Solana casting Improved Invisibility on them both!) and ambush Amanda. Tui hit her with a Stun Baton, while Oxana injected her with sedatives stolen from the Medellín POW camp before grappling her to stop more than just the first scream escaping. Tui struck her again with the stun baton, and eventually the sedatives in her system killed the double-agent.
  • Following Aztlan orders, the team got into their tank and took up point position, guarding the gate. After conferring about their best approach, Solana summoned a new spirit and had it Conceal the team, as well as casting Invisibility on herself. So aided, the team were able to sneak through the gate and out into the jungle, where Oxana and Tui dumped their Aztlan-issue armour and changed into their normal clothes.
  • The contacted Agent and were taken cross-country to Metrópole, where they were debrief at the AC office and then headed to their respective homes…



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