Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part four)

Public report:

  • Returned to the city, then to the mercenary bar where we got the supposed location of the POW camp
  • Determining the intel was faulty we decided to intercept the priest as he leaves the bar
  • Priest was seized and brought in for interrogation
Further information:

We were able to obtain some additional ammunition, approximately 60 rounds 7.62, 60 rounds Ex 9mm, from the remains of the Aztlan patrol before moving on. We returned to the city in order to make contact with the priest.

Things quickly got tense as Oxana spoke to the priest, with Solana going to add magical eyes. A GPS location was given for the POW camp. Also for a clinic. Solana then spoke with the rebels, giving some intelligence in exchange for confirmation that the GPS location was not the POW camp.

Deciding to follow the priest and get clearer information Solana did the basic watching Astrally, Tui took the driving to allow Oxana to shoot out his tires. Once in a quiet area we struck.

Back at the safehouse, bagged and taped to a chair, questions were asked which revealed him to work for Aztlan Military Intelligence

Information on Vicar-General:
  • Vicar General’s security, will go through the main Aztechnology compound. Entry is hard, with security high
  • Staying at Hotel ElDorado, 49th floor, which has significant levels of security
  • Protected by both Jaguar and Leopard Guard, along with spirits on call

Tui moko


I was able to make contact with a supplier for 7.62 ExEx rounds and purchased a box of 100. This was paid for out of my own pocket as discretionary funds were not available. Can this be refunded?

the Mako



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