Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part one)

Public report:

  • Dawkins Group, Horizon, is the client
  • Travel by cargo plane 120km south of Bogota where we will meet a Horizon Agent
  • On the way, despite Tui’s attempts to help the pilot, one SAM fired from the ground hit the Horizon Skybarge on which we were travelling. Damage was extensive but Oxana and Tui were able to keep her flying
  • We met our contact, Agent, who gave a verbal briefing before we took possession of our gear and a humvee
  • Driving to the city of Bogota with Solana when there were 12 contacts on Tui’s radar. Preparing for trouble we pressed on – dead soldiers, both Aztlan and Amazonian guerilla, were being preyed upon by ghouls. We decided to press on
  • Having discovered there was a bridge out we were forced to divert, where a feathered serpent launched an attack. We defeated it though it was tough.
Further information:

Top secret, Azlan PoW camp. We have to find the camp, craft a plan to infiltrate it and contact Agent for more details.

Tui moko

Future Plans:

Continue combat and fulfil contract

the Mako



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