Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part ten)

Public report:

  • Travelled to meet with Agent and take control of a tank
  • Warned that guerillas would fire on us (due to potential of double-agents)
  • Attacked by [vampiric] guerillas: they were fought off
  • Entered target facility
  • Objective 1 completed, by Oxana
  • Second Loki-shot targeted at T-Bird (containing two double-agents). It missed
  • Objective 2 completed; Solana setting a spirit to eliminate Lucas Santos, Oxana and the Mako eliminating Amanda da Silva
Further information:

The tank was damaged and low on ammunition (4 rounds for the main gun, approximately 50% damage). Agent Petrova is an excellent driver and was able to mitigate the mechanical difficulties with skill, however, whilst rated for onboard weapons the Mako is a tertiary-rated gunner – which caused difficulties with making use of both main gun and supplementary weapons in combat.

The vampires were robust and challenging to destroy in detail; it seems likely that few (if any) were real causalities as they were skilled and regenerating damage dealt. Explosives, magic and a localised jungle fire (due to an incendiary grenade) combined with throwing inert vampires from the tank ended our confrontation.

Whilst Agent Petrova was able to take advantage of the situation and achieve the primary objective within a very short time (whilst the Mako was observing Lucas Santos and other Aztlan soldiery via a game of poker) targeting the double agents, our secondary objective, was difficult. Targeting drift for the Loki shot, unfortunately, missed the target (a Thunderbird which was to transport both of the double-agents) and the camp in its entirety.

As the base scrambled to a high level of alertness we were able to take advantage of the confusion to eliminate both double-agents; Agent Belasco dispatching a spirit in the form of a jaguar to target Santos (who was quickly slain) whilst Agent Petrova and the Mako were able to target de Silva when she returned (alone) into the messhall. Both were slain without an immediate alarm being raised, giving the opportunity to roll a tank out for base-defence duty.

Marshall was able to spoof the tank being fully crewed as investigations began (whilst the base remained on alert) we left under cover of the confusion (with the assistance of a spirit, and with Agent Belasco using an invisibility spell) on foot, making contact with Agent, before heading back to civilisation.

Tui moko

Future plans:

Return to a world with showers, and fewer blood-trees.

Also swimming, and beer.

the Mako



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