Corporate Intrigue

Downtime post-Project Imago

March 2073

  • The tide is turning in the brutal war between Aztlan and Amazonia, with Amazonia suffering a series of devastating losses over the past few weeks
  • The CAS have expelled two Aztlan diplomats, claiming that they were engaging in espionage.
  • Draco Foundation officials deny reports of significant resources being sent to Antarctica; they say they’re just trying to avoid the troubles around the Nicaragua Canal.
  • Marshall, very much acting on the QT and avoiding C.O., reports that he thinks the weird AR things you saw back at the Project Imago centre were e-ghosts; metasapient AIs who believe themselves to be recordings or uploads of dead people.
  • C.O., on the other hand, lets you know that your employer for the Imago job was really pleased with your work and extremely pleased with all the data you retrieved. She is upgrading all your rates of pay to 7,000¬• per mission, going forward. She also invites you to submit to Marshall any requests for changes to your equipment.



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