Corporate Intrigue

Insubstantial Rumours - briefing


Operation: Insubstantial Rumours
Case Officer: Maria da Assunção “C.O.” Andrade Esteves
Technical Operations: Marshall Flinkman
Field Operatives: Solana Belasco, Oxana Petrova, Tui Tukiwaho
Base Of Operations: Washington FDC, UCAS

Operational Overview:

  • Investigate Corporate Court Chief Justice Hino’s recent associates

The client has requested a covert investigation of Corporate Court Chief Justice Hino, with a particular focus on recent visitors and any eyewitness accounts available of those meetings. Chief Justine Hino has only been seen in AR for the last year, and the client is interested to learn whether anyone has noticed a change in her behaviour and/or can explain her current state of isolation. Our client believes that Hino is being manipulated or even blackmailed, which could have serious ramifications for the Corporate Court, leading to significant numbers of retrials.

The client suggests you begin investigations with Donald Melch, the new head of the Interpol Drug Enforcement Agency (following Majia Wright’s ejection from the post), as he is believed to be the last person to have informally talked with Justice Hino this month.

There should be no need to leave the FDC and so your gear will be in your hotel rooms following your briefing.


  • Yoshiko Hino is the Evo representative on the Corporate Court.
  • As with all Corporate Court Justices, her permanent residence is the Zurich-Orbital Habitat, which orbits the Earth at 560km
  • A plot by an independent Matrix development studio in Manila, Philippines to replicate Hino’s icons was foiled late last year, aiming to capitalise on her reliance on AR for Court appearances and so on.
  • More recently, Lone Star brought a suit against Aztechnology to search one of their facilities for tempo-related paraphernalia. Early indications suggested that the Court was sympathetic to Lone Star’s position, but in the end a coalition led by Hino ruled in Aztechnology’s favour. Some commentators view this as a step in a possible Evo-Aztechnology alliance.



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