Corporate Intrigue

Insubstantial Rumours - part two

  • The team reconvened in their vehicle on the way to Dr. Vance’s brownstone
  • Went inside; the place had been made to look lived-in since last night. Vance had a concealed light pistol; the ork butler was packing a Remington Roomsweeper and an extendable baton.
  • While astrally perceiving, Solana noticed a watcher spirit just sort of…watching.
  • The team enjoyed some fresh lemonade and a light salad lunch, chatting with Dr. Vance about his medical expertise and his in-the-flesh meeting on the Zurich-Orbital Habitat with Chief Justice Hino about three months ago.
  • Lunch was interrupted by the front door flying open and an LMG-equipped Steel Lynx drone entering the room; Tui and Oxana shot it to pieces with their pistols
  • Solana and her spirit engaged an invisible dwarf hermetic who had entered the room with the drone
  • The butler took aim at Solana and shot her, before being killed by Tui and Oxana
  • A plumber’s van across the street popped up a turret and fired a hail of suppressive fire into the front of the house, forcing everyone prone
  • Solana continued to exchange Mana Bolts with the invisible dwarf. Tui and Solana’s Guardian spirit killed the dwarf.
  • Solana ordered her spirit to kill the person in the van
  • Vance turned on Oxana, trying (unsuccessfully) to shoot her
  • Solana took cover; Tui struck Vance, breaking his ribs (and discovering gobs of nanopaste disguise on his hand when he did so); and Solana restrained Vance, dragging him behind cover
  • The van continued firing into the room, targeting Solana and Tui primarily
  • Tui covered the difference to the van, and he and Solana’s spirit together killed the unconscious female elf rigger in there
  • Marshall got in touch to say that Dr. Vance had called him, and was happy to arrange a meeting at his house in the Evo compound with them. The team asked Marshall to set it up for the evening.
  • Fleeing the scene (just!) before the first Knight Errant drones got there, the team took “Vance” to an abandoned warehouse in a former industrial district of FDC. Tui led the interrogation, supported by Solana’s magic and Oxana’s medical intervention.
    • “Vance’s” name is really Jazz. The rest of his team are Vice (the butler), Vrede (the rigger) and Spectre (the mage)
    • The team were hired about a week ago by a well turned-out eastern European/Russian-looking Ms. Johnson.
    • There’s also a hacker involved somewhere, but they were hired separately and there’s no contact between Jazz’ team and them.
    • The job was to keep runners away from Vance, and attempt to kill them if they were asking questions about Chief Justice Hino.
    • Upon completion, Jazz was to send confirmation that the threat had been neutralised to an anonymous commcode, and payment would arrive through escrow
      • Marshall’s research indicated that this would be through Banco Cooperativo, a Swiss bank that he was very reluctant to hack due to their serious attitude to Matrix security
    • The job was arranged through a fixer called Simeon. At the team’s request, Jazz set up a meeting with Simeon in an hour or two at a hot dog stand in front of Washington Union Station.
  • Solana wiped Jazz’ memory and Marshall dealt with the commlink and cybereyes. He also discovered that a lot of data had been erased in the past 15 minutes, by a hacker whose signature matched that of the one who had set up the fake datatrail leading to “Vance.”



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