Corporate Intrigue

Insubstantial Rumours; the Mako's Log (part one)

Public report:


Day 1:

  • I.D.E.A. office in FDC is where Melch works, near F.B.I. building
  • Nice neighbourhood near Capitol Hill is where Melch lives, with David Phillips
  • Adopting cover of being an anti-Tempo charity (Saving Time) to speak with Melch
  • Dr Arnold Vance, genetic engineer for Avo, had lunch 3 months ago
  • Vance lives in a brownstone (traditional DC house) and works from home
  • We investigated Vance’s houe, discovering that he has a second house in an Evo-corp facility – and that he had retired from corporate life, for private practice only
  • Tui looked into the house; it’s not being lived in
  • We headed to the second house (in Ev-corp territory)

Day 2:

  • First meeting with Melch; 2nd floor LoneStar building – who literally gave 10 minutes (on A-R timer!)
Further information:

Briefing information:

  • recent visitors in the past 12 months, particularly wanting eye-witnesses
  • withdrawn from society, so seeking insight on any change of behaviour, and for the reason thereof

Vance’s house is lined with radar-inhibiting barriers, and has no lights on and without a car. It is empty and without anything to indicate being inhabited. Solana’s astral scout reinforced this impression. A visit showed that it was empty and not lived in; pictures had been bought within the past week, one holo showed Vance with Justice Hino. Alll were publically available images.

Meeting with Melch did not go entirely to plan; he did not buy the charity cover. He seemed to suggest that Maija Wright was concerned with the Aztechnology tempo investigation. Melch confirmed that he was on the orbital a month ago; he did not meet with Justice Hino in the flesh.

Tui moko

Future plans:
  • Meet with Vance (if we are able); there is a suspicion that he may be being replaced with an A-R doctor…
  • Try to make some contact with someone close to Majia in I.D.E.A.

the Mako



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