Corporate Intrigue

Insubstantial Rumours; the Mako's Log (part three)

Public report:

  • Meeting with Simeon was a set up with Knight Errant Police everywhere, he was put on the back-burner to be dealt with later
  • Simeon’s commlink was traced to an apartment complex, seemingly under the protection of the “Born to Kill” gang
  • Meeting with Dr (Leonard) Vance went ahead, information was gathered
  • Report was sent to C.O. with information and working hypothesis
  • Simeon was then visited later in the evening
Further information:

Our meeting with Simeon was clearly a set up; undercover Knight Errant Police units moved to watch the meeting point. Body language (and access to the KE tac-net) demonstrated that Simeon was working with them. We determined that meeting him would be foolish and instead had Marshall tag his commlink so we could follow him to his home.

At the house it seemed that gaining access without drawing attention (to determine exactly where he is) due to street gangers as security. The gang, “Born to Kill”, have a bad reputation, with arrests for assault, arson, murder and attempted murder. There are suggestions that they trade drugs and guns from the mafia.

Meeting with Dr (Leonard) Vance was pleasant, we delivered a warning about his having a double (with a possible plan to replace him). Information was extracted which confirmed he had gone to the Zurich Orbital Habitation but it was over year ago.

We suspect that Chief Judge Hino has been compromised, either killed, kidnapped or under magical/drug induced control. Most likely killed and replaced with a virtual presence only.

Simeon was on the 4th floor (of 10), as determined by Agent Belasco after an Astral scout. We made our way in, and up to the floor. Agent Petrova and the Mako took the two guards out with controlled and appropriate weapons fire. Jazz was overpowered and restrained, and interrogated:

  • Jazz and his team were hired by a “Russian looking corporate chick” (probably Avo, rather than mafia)
  • To impersonate Dr Vance and kill anyone who came looking for him/Chief Justice Hino cuse
  • Some people were asking about Hino
  • Matrix support provided by the Johnson

His commlink was scrubbed and all information removed.

Tui moko

Future plans:

the Mako



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