Corporate Intrigue

Insubstantial Rumours; the Mako's Log (part two)

Public report:

  • Meeting at Vance’s brownstone
  • Steel Lynx drone attacked and was destroyed by the Mako and Agent Petrova
  • Murder Butler then attacked Solana and was neutralised by the Mako and Agent Petrova
  • Hail of suppressive fire into the building from the street; a pop-up turret on a van firing an LMG into the building
  • the Mako fired on an invisible target, wounding it. Agent Belasco’s spirit then neutralised the target, which was a hostile (dwarven) magical asset
  • Vance then turned on Agent Petrova and was restrained
  • the Mako and Agent Belasco’s spirit assaulted the van and elimated the rigger
  • Vance-clone was taken away for interrogation; after spilling his pathetic guts he was mind-wiped and allowed to live
Further information:

Vance’s house looked more lived in than yesterday, looking more like a real house.

Vance was packing a Finchetti Security 600 in a concealable holster under the left armpit where the butler was packing both a Remington Roomsweeper in the small of the back and an extendable baton up the right sleeve. Both also wearing armoured clothing.

Upon the front door being forced, and a Steel Lynx combat drone entering, the operatives took cover and readied weapons. After receiving fire from the intruding drone it was destroyed with small-arms fire.

Further assaults came from the (murder) butler, and from an invisible hostile. These were neutralised in turn via combined arms drills. Vance then attacked and was neutralised, being removed from the scene alive. Finally the rigger was eliminated, despite the LMG fire incoming.

We left the site before Knight Errant arrived on the scene, taking Vance with us. Moving to a secure location Vance was questioned:

  • Doesn’t know who hired him
  • His name is Jazz
  • Vice, Frid and Spectre rest of the team. Hacker hired separately
  • Hired to keep people away from the ‘real’ Vance, particularly about Chief Justice Hino
  • Been hired about a week
  • Contact through escrow; Banco Cooperativo, a Swiss Bank
    • commcode, passcode, upload photos and recording
  • Images of the Johnson sent (well turned out Eastern European/Russian woman)
  • Meets with Fixer (Simian) at a hotdog stand at Grand Central Station

Vance was allowed to live, his mind and cybereye memory being wiped.

Tui moko

Future plans:
  • Meet with (real) Vance
  • Meet with (fake) Vance’s Fixer

the Mako



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