Corporate Intrigue

MonkeyWrench Part One - Sola's Report

Introductions and Recon

  • I went in to the building astrally, in order to pick up numbers of guards and guard routines. There are five on shift, two sat in offices (one seems to be a spider) and three patrolling. The Mako and Oxana watched physically from vantage points.
  • In order to find points of weakness, we asked Marshall to find any staff who had left under a cloud. Once he had done this I travelled in the astral to check them out. One address was a blind, but the others contained various people, some with children.
  • We decided to try one of the current staff as a point of information and so staked out the building until after shift change, when we followed the SUV containing all the security staff. This returned to Charisma Associates where the actor/guards got into their own cars.
  • We followed the Spider home, waited until her partner left and then secured her. Oxana kept her still while I obtained a series of answers from her (while checking her truthfulness) and then changing her memory before leaving.
Information Summary

There are five guards on at any time (Lieutenant, Spider and three grunts), except at changeover, where both teams are on site for an hour (in the meeting room). This is a major point of security weakness.

The cameras cover the corridors and access doors, but not all of the labs. There are multiple drones (one Sentinel and multiple Ferrets), all armed with tasers. We could blind the system with a jammer, and the guards are only packing tasers.

Workers are in 8-6, but are also all actors. She didn’t know where any data is stored.

Current Situation

We require more information before moving, but a basic plan of gaining access during shift change by delivering a parcel, and removing the data then should be decent.

Future Actions

We need to physically enter the building and watch security in order to finalise our plan.



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