Corporate Intrigue

Monkeywrench - part two

Following on from the previous session, Solana (in a disguise provided by the Mako) delivered one small parcel to the Project Paracelsus floor of Scientia Labs at 7am. This went smoothly, and allowed the team to establish that the guard at the entrance to the car park was only really interested in whether the vehicle had the appropriate paperwork (which it did). She also took the opportunity of a trip to the toilet (escorted by one of the Paracelsus actors/guards) to scout out some key locations.

At 3pm, Oxana did the same trick, this time with Marshall “riding shotgun.” Marshall hacked the car park guard’s cybereyes to establish that he had to authorise the lift to go up to the relevant floor. Other evidence seemed to show that there wasn’t much followup from that. Likewise, Solana’s astral scouting showed that some sort of signal was given to the guards during their briefing when the lift was en route so one of them could come out to receive the delivery.

So, at 7am the next morning (31 hours into their allotted time for the job) both Tui and Oxana made a delivery of all of the other boxes, with Solana accompanying them invisibly. They had also prepared some packing boxes, and gotten Marshall to forge the relevant documentation for the team to collect some parcels also.

Once the boxes were unloaded, Solana used magic to rewrite the guard’s memory so he recalled the team leaving, and then went through the various cubicles and office spaces to recover optical chips. Oxana recovered two nexi from the Virtual Research Lab, whilst Tui found a third nexus and performed the rewiring task (connecting together two isolated networks) in the other lab. As the team were approaching the lift to leave, they heard a huge explosion and part of the floor collapsed (on the other side of the labs). They were able to hear screams and gunfire below, and Tui’s radar senses picked up a metallic humanoid advancing up the newly-created ramp onto Floor 5.

As the guards poured out of their room, the team piled into the lift and fled downstairs. Marshall – connected to the Paracelsus security net via a wireless adapter placed there by the Mako – reported that battle was about to be joined upstairs. Solana asked him to instruct the Paracelsus guards that this was not a drill and to stand down, which saved them from a confrontation that would likely have resulted in their deaths.

The team were considering returning upstairs to help in the combat when they realised that the security shutters in the car park were coming down. They decided to all get in the van and narrowly escaped, scraping some of the paintwork off their vehicle’s roof. En route, they were flagged down by a Knight Errant gunship. The team complied with the loudhailered request to pull over and submitted to a vehicle search by two armed troopers. They asked questions referring to the theft of a drone from Scientia Labs and were satisfied that the team didn’t have it, and thus left.

The team then dropped their vehicle and stolen goods back in Brooklyn, and returned to Manhattan for a debriefing at Aegis Cognito headquarters. CO was very pleased with the team, and offered her congratulations.

Karma Earnt: 6
Money Earnt: 5,000¥



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