Corporate Intrigue

Monkeywrench, the Mako's Log (part one)

Summary after flying from sunny Cairo to cold as hell Manhattan I was introduced to the people I’d be working with; early days but they seem competent enough. Marshall, the tech support, might have a problem saying no – that could be a problem.

We did some basic recon work, Solana good here with her wizard sight and spirit walking, and tracked their spider to her lair. Security and lab techs are all actors, which has strengths and weaknesses, but it seems like we should get by okay as long as they remember their lines. Oxana is really strong, especially for an elf.

Thoughts for entry and approach enter at or just before 7 (as soon as delivery will be accepted) and gain access to the labs. Research lab near the elevator has the target nexus system but both labs may have other nexus systems and optical chips so will need to be systematically searched.

Internal wiring will need to be dealt with, probably whilst Oxana or Solana are recovering the target nexus system.
Tui moko

Deploying a jammer near the meeting room which contains the security will be useful if things go sideways and we need to take physical action, but stealth should see us through as an hour is a really big window.

We should aim to be in and out as quickly as possible, ideally within 10 or 15 minutes. Having Marshall take over the security systems as we enter, when the Spider in the meeting room, should give us extra eyes and mean we leave no trace.

the Mako



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