Corporate Intrigue

Monkeywrench, the Mako's Log (part two)

Public report:

  • Entry made through goods entrance under guise of delivery of parcels during 0700-0800 security vulnerable window on morning 2
  • Parcels delivered, guard confounded through magics and returned to meeting
  • All optical chips and nexi removed, wiring re-routed as instructed
  • Exit prevented from being clean due to assault on floor below, however, extraction made without undue distress being caused or mission parameters being breached
Full Report:

Entry made at 0705 with Oxana and I doing a delivery and Solana accompanying us invisibly. After logging the parcels the guard was convinced through mind altering magic that everything was in order and returned to her meeting.

I inserted a bug into the system to allow Marshall access then we each took an area to search, removing all optical chips and nexi as per instructions. As we were making our exit there was an explosion from the lab on the floor below. At that point I discharged two flash-bang mini-grenades to suppress the security who were exiting their briefing room.

My internal radar showed a metallic humanoid figure climb from the floor below using the collapsed floor as a ramp. Solana instructed Marshall to order the security to stand down as we descended in the elevator.

Loading the van with the boxes, filled with the computing equipment, we made an exit – narrowly avoiding the security lock down.

Some short while later a Knight Errant security Great Dragon helicopter in gunship/ground support layout pulled us over. At this stage all weapons were again concealed within the hidden compartments within the van and after a check of the vehicle we were allowed to proceed; it was clear that the security patrol were seeking a missing drone.

The cargo, along with the vehicle and issued equipment, was returned as instructed before returning for debriefing

Tui moko

  • Weapons should be adjusted for use in, under and after water
    • Modifying normal weapons for underwater use comes at a price: the weapon’s range is halved in all circumstances, and it also needs extensive service after firing 100 rounds. It requires electronic firing and cannot be combined with the additional clip, ammo skip system, extended clip, gas-vent system, or silencer/sound/thermal suppressor mods.
      • What modifications are needed to allow weapons to be completely submerged and then successfully fired?
        • Extreme Environmental Modification (upper tier) is needed, but has the deleterious effects on performance as described.
      • It would be useful to have a handgun modified in this way
        • Would an FN-AAL Gyrojet Pistol, firing miniature self-propelled rockets, be suitable?
  • Additional grenade types (mini and physical) would allow for tactical options in the field and on the fly
    • What particular types did you have in mind?
      • There are a variety of grenades which would be useful to have access to which include, and are not limited to:
        • high explosive grenade[s]
        • incendiary grenade[s]
        • gas or splash grenade[s]
        • thermal smoke grenade[s]
          • Subject to availability, SHE, White Phosphorus, Gas/Splash grenades (containing what?) and thermal smoke grenades can all be added to your standard loadout.
          • White phosphorus rather than incendiary? Fair enough!
  • Variety of issued weapons (but not calibres) would be wise to increase the cover of being independent operatives, however, unified weapon sets does allow for field repairs as needed

the Mako



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