Gordon Browne

Director of the Transys Neuronet/T-99 Project Imago R&D Facility


A few years ago, NeoNET director of R&D Celedyr initiated Project Enlight to explore technomancers more closely. He recruited former Oxford Professor Gordon Browne (a human of African descent) in the position of project director. Browne’s field of expertise is communications theory, but he brought a wide spectrum of knowledge and first-hand experience to NeoNET’s project. Raised in Nairobi, Browne was hired in 2062 by Erika to help develop emergent wifi technology and develop the European Wireless Matrix standard. After the Crash, he took a few years off to work as an archivist in the great library of Alexandria before being offered to lecture at the German Karlsruhe University in 2067, a reputable institute for research on artificial intelligence. Now in his late fifties, Browne is on the most-wanted lists of several corporate headhunters, but he chose to accept NeoNET’s offer and has since been transferred from Project Enlight to Project Imago. As the face of the project, he provides a significantly more accessible face for most of the project’s employees than the Matrix presence with whom he is partnered.


Gordon Browne

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