Solana Belasco

Investigation, Infiltration and Magical Support


Spirit Associations

Combat: Guardian
Detection: Fire
Health: Plant
Illusion: Water
Manipulation: Beasts


Dwarven Aztec priest, magician, former member of Aztechnology and devoted mother.


  1. Secrets are precious. I will find them out and keep them safe – even after their original keeper’s death.
  2. People should act rather than whine. I will give people in trouble one shove in the right direction.
  3. Magic is a gift from the gods. I will use magical methods in preference to mundane ones whenever possible.
  4. Jaguar is a stealthy creature. I will make all efforts to obscure my role in any of my professional activities.


  1. I always Observe In Detail when I enter a new room.
  2. I always provide Counterspelling to myself and my teammates.
  3. If a fight starts, then I call up my most combat-capable bound spirit.
  4. If I suffer a glitch or critical glitch, then I immediately order one of my bound spirits to refresh the Guard power.

Solana Belasco

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