Tui Tukiwaho - the Mako

Fire Support, Infiltration


Tui Tukiwaho, sometimes known as the Mako, is a fairly small but compact ork of Māori origin. He has a network of tattoos over his body; very traditional ones over his powerful thighs and buttocks with some smaller ones on his face (under the lower lip and around the jawline) and neck, and some with a more modern flare over his back and upper arms. His lower limbs are uncoloured.


Tui is a compact, solid ork of Māori origin. He is a former member of the NZSAS (New Zealand Special Air Service Group) given a bogus Dishonourable Discharge for bulldrek political reasons. He often talks about “the Service” and is obviously very comfortable in the water.

Nzsas shore edit

  1. Korero (spoken word) and Kaupapa/Whakapapa (genealogy); the Mako has his story on his skin through his moko and kirituhi tattoo; any important event should be recorded. I will do impressive things that are worthy of being recorded on my skin.
  2. Mana (prestige, honour, power and authority); the Mako seeks to recover his lost Mana, and to improve it further. He wants to gain enough Mana to return home and start a family. I am working to redeem myself from past dishonour. When I have succeeded, I will go back to Aotearoa.
  3. There should be no limits on the application of necessary violence. I will not shy away from using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
  4. Warfare is a mess of uneasy truces and temporary alliances. When the time for betrayal comes, I will be the one with his gun in his hand.
  5. TBC

Nzsas sea edit

  1. Leave nothing behind – remove evidence of passing when on an operation; recover shell casings, grenade pins, chocolate wrappers and the like and dispose of them properly at a safe location. (I always retrieve the evidence (e.g. shell casings, grenade pins, chocolate wrappers, etc.) I leave behind when on operation)
  2. When bullets fly eat dirt – in a firefight he who makes best use of cover walks away; take cover when bad things happen. (I always take cover immediately when a firefight begins)
  3. Hit hard, hit fast, hit first – when striking make your first blow count. Everything has a weak spot – when you’re unseen take the chance to strike at the weak point (If I’m I’m striking from surprise, then I take a Called Shot to do more damage (-4 dice, +4DV)
    Tui moko
  4. He who sees danger is ready for it – keep a watchful eye for snipers, bombs and mines (and IEDs), tripwires and traps, cameras, drones and other environmental hazards; just because you’re enjoying a beer in a bar doesn’t mean you’re off duty. Amateurs get killed that way, professionals see trouble before it bites. Camouflage is used for a reason, it isn’t all on fatigues – a delivery man can be an assassin, a barman can be a spy. Taking people at face value is bad news, watch for the clues. (I always Observe In Detail when I enter a new area or encounter a new person)
  5. I always ready my most powerful weapon (longarm then side arm) when combat starts

Tui Tukiwaho - the Mako

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