Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge - part ten
  • In the safehouse, you read the news, healed up, Solana bound her spirit again, and you generally got your shit together. You geared up and headed out to meet with Agent down near Icana, following a quick discussion with C.O. and Marshall about the task at hand.
  • A discussion of ethics led to the team realising/remembering quite how naïve Marshall is
  • Your journey through the jungle was without incident, and you rendezvoused with Agent and some guerrillas easily enough. They provided replacement uniforms and armour, to match up with the tank crew whose identities you were to assume with nanopaste disguises and a Cellular Glove Moulder to spoof their fingerprints.
  • The guerrillas warned you that, in order for the plan to work, fellow Amazonians couldn’t know about your true allegiances. Thus, you’re like to be engaged by them – but they asked you to use non-lethal means if possible.
  • You set off in the battered tank, but en route were almost ambushed by six Amazonian guerrillas, all of whom you believe to be vampires. In the ensuing conflict, most of them were very badly injured, and Tui fired an incendiary minigrenade into the jungle, starting a localised conflagration only stopped by the damp wood of the rainforest.
  • Travelling further on, you passed through an Aztlan encampment at night, successfully leaving them convinced that you’re fellow Aztlaners.
  • Much closer to the destination, the tank came under mortar fire. Due to some excellent driving from Oxana, you sustained no damage and carried on towards Icana.
  • The team successfully talked their way in, their fake fingerprints fooling the scanners. The team went to the Tank & Armored Vehicle Motor Pool #2 building, where the mechanic informed them that they would be assigned to another tank and sent out in convoy in 14 hours.


  • Looking for a free tent (of which there were several), the team spotted Lucas Santos playing poker with some off-duty guards. He announced that he had just one hour left before his flight left.
  • The team split up, with Solana going for a jog to check out exit routes, hidey-holes and the general layout of the site; Oxana heading to HQ to try to investigate the access to the Ops room; and Tui settling down to play poker and keep an eye on Lucas.
  • Lucas announced, in an annoyed fashion, that his flight was delayed because a fellow passenger had been called into a meeting.
  • Around this time, Oxana saw Amanda da Silva head into HQ. After a short conflab over comms, the team elected to complete the primary objective and then sabotage the flight.
  • Tui checked the feasibility of inserting grenades into Lucas’ pack, but didn’t feel confident making the attempt given how many pairs of suspicious eyes there were at the poker table.
  • Oxana plugged the wireless adapters into the relevant nodes and then Marshall did what was necessary.
  • The team assembled at the Mess Hall and watched Amanda and Lucas board their LAV. Tui called in the last remaining Loki strike, but it went off-course and hit some 220m away, destroying a section of jungle.
  • The entire base went on high alert at this point, as Amanda and Lucas were hustled off the LAV. Once the soldiers were scrambling to their positions, Lucas headed back to the LAV to wait, and Amanda went into the Mess Hall.
  • Solana left with the other soldiers, giving her Guardian Spirit (a jaguar) instructions to go and kill Lucas in the LAV, which it accomplished gleefully.
  • In the Mess Hall, Oxana and Tui managed to sneak away (helped by Solana casting Improved Invisibility on them both!) and ambush Amanda. Tui hit her with a Stun Baton, while Oxana injected her with sedatives stolen from the Medellín POW camp before grappling her to stop more than just the first scream escaping. Tui struck her again with the stun baton, and eventually the sedatives in her system killed the double-agent.
  • Following Aztlan orders, the team got into their tank and took up point position, guarding the gate. After conferring about their best approach, Solana summoned a new spirit and had it Conceal the team, as well as casting Invisibility on herself. So aided, the team were able to sneak through the gate and out into the jungle, where Oxana and Tui dumped their Aztlan-issue armour and changed into their normal clothes.
  • The contacted Agent and were taken cross-country to Metrópole, where they were debrief at the AC office and then headed to their respective homes…
Colombian Subterfuge - briefing, part two


Operation: Colombian Subterfuge (part two)
Case Officer: Maria da Assunção “C.O.” Andrade Esteves
Technical Operations: Marshall Flinkman
Field Operatives: Solana Belasco, Oxana Petrova, Tui Tukiwaho
Base Of Operations: In the field
Client: Horizon’s Dawkins Group

Operational Overview:

  • Travel to the Amazonian city of Icana, where Aztlan have established a Forward Operating Base
  • Infiltrate the Operations Centre in the F.O.B.’s HQ building to allow Marshall hacking access
  • Locate and terminate any double-agents in the base from a list provided

You will be provided with new etcher nanites by your local contact. You will rendezvous with Amazonian guerrillas 2hrs outside Icana and provided with a captured Aztlan tank in need of repair, images of the original crew, and replacement uniforms and armour. You are to impersonate the tank crew and take the damaged vehicle into the base for repairs. Then travel cross-country to the base.

Once you have infiltrated the Operations Centre, connect your AC-issue commlink to the relevant nodes and signal Marshall. His role is to replace existing targeting co-ordinates for upcoming airstrikes by Aztlan drones with those created by Amazonian intelligence; he must also upload several encrypted files to the node where general orders are stored.

The names of five Amazonian warriors suspected of being Aztlaner spies follow this paragraph. If you encounter any of them in the base, your orders are to kill them whilst avoiding capture yourselves. Once your mission is complete, you can leave the base by whatever means you have available, contact “Agent” and arrange extraction to Metrópole.

  • Juliana Oliveira
  • Matheus Pereira
  • Lucas Santos
  • Amanda da Silva
  • Gabriel de Souza

Travel from Bogotá to meeting point using milspec Humvee, already issued.

Colombian Subterfuge - downtime (post-part one)

During your restful (hah!) stay in the safehouse, Marshall generously gives you early access to the briefing on your next mission. You also catch up on the news:

  • An Aztlan POW camp in Medellín was liberated by Amazonian Special Forces. According to the news reports, almost one hundred and fifty Amazonian soldiers made it out of the camp alive.
  • Details are released of extensive abuses from within the prison camp. These abuses violate most existing international and inter-corporate accords on the treatment of prisoners. According to recovered Aztlan documents, there were close to five hundred prisoners who were malnourished, beaten, experimented on, and tortured during their stay at the camp.
  • According to those same documents, another seven hundred prisoners died while in Aztlan custody, and they could have been saved if had Aztlan provided them with quality medical care.
  • Trideo footage (taken by you while in the camp) is released publicly on the news feeds showing the abuse in the camp. There is real footage showing actual abused prisoners accompanied by footage of abuses and torture that you neither witnessed nor recorded.
  • Aztlan units operating on the front lines were sent in coordinated attacks after what turned out to be phantom guerilla cells, while other units were sent into ambushes. Aztlan reinforcements were manoeuvered out of position, and over the last twelve hours, Aztlan has suffered their largest number of casualties in a single day since the war began.
  • Aztlan’s invasion of Amazonia has slowed to a crawl.
  • Aztlan denies the allegations of prisoner abuse and promises a thorough investigation of the matter, but already the UCAS, CAS, and the PCC are demanding that the United Nations Security Council send their own investigators into Aztlan, and they have introduced tough sanctions and embargoes against Aztlan.

Your replacement gear arrives safe and sound, as does a new set of etcher nanites for you to inject prior to setting off.

Colombian Subterfuge - part nine
  • Tui rapidly finished off the last guard on the second floor and then headed to the stairs. He lobbed a flash-bang ahead of himself and emptied the rest of his clip into the Azzie soldiers, working with the Amazonian guerrillas to deal with them. He saw a few dead Amazonian bodies.
  • Solana unlocked the remaining cells on the second floor, and then headed up to the third floor to start unlocking doors, leaving the shapeshifters til last. Solana used an Influence spell to get the first shapeshifter to accept that the rescuers were friendly, and then directed some of the freed guerrillas to assist.
  • Oxana systematically woke people on the second floor, removing their magemasks before injecting them with adrenaline. This took about 25 minutes, and Oxana successfully got them on side to help
  • While this was going on, Tui used his Special Forces training to help organise the guerrillas. When they had some magical support from the freed adepts and shamen, Tui led the assault on the infirmary and morgue.
  • Outside, the barracks and interrogation rooms, plus the entrance bunkers, were dealt with using the freeze foam drones
  • Once Tui brought the doctors from the infirmary up to help (under threat of death) everyone moved up to the top floor and Oxana awoke the first feathered serpent, which she and Solana spoke to before waking the second one, which became enraged and got into a dominance battle with the first one. The third one then joined in once freed.
  • Eventually, the team got everyone free and met up to plan.
  • The Azzie soldiers set up a barrier of Humvees across the gate in the chainlink fence

SUPPORT WAVES (split fifty-fifty)

  • Some guerillas with longarms (probably the best shots), c. 20
  • Some drake magicians
  • 20 Awakened guerilla magicians

ASSAULT WAVES (split fifty-fifty)

  • 180 guerrillas (minus earlier casualties)
  • Rest of the drakes
  • 30 Awakened guerillas
  • six lindworms
  • two elder lindworms
  • 25 shapeshifters (mix of jaguars and leopards)
  • Oxana, Solana and Tui (on the less-risky side)


  • Feathered serpents
  • Wyverns

21 spirits to materialize at the barricade and shift the Humvees out of the way. Outcome intended is to drive the Aztlan forces out of the compound – if they’re all dead, that’s OK but it’s not the primary goal.

High-value targets nominated as the Captain, her Lieutenants, and the site mages.

Tui went onto the roof to perform a haka before the fighting began in earnest, managing to avoid taking any fire in the process. Solana made herself invisible (Force 4, 2 successes) with a spell. She found someone hiding in a cupboard in the infirmary, and slit their throat with a scalpel in praise of the Aztec gods.

  • In the first phase of the combat, the various nature spirits (a mixture of jungle animals and anthropomorphic plants) materialised to start flipping Humvees. A slightly-smaller number of Aztec warriors in traditional garb (all made out of dripping blood) materialised in front of them and got to work fighting. It was only with Solana’s assistance that the tide was turned and the barricade part-broken (one Humvee taken out)
  • Oxana organised the troops, shouting orders and keeping morale high while firing into the enemy formations. One of the leopard shapeshifters was the target of an enemy Flamethrower spell, and Oxana jumped in the way of it, getting badly burnt but sparing the shapeshifter any injury.
  • Tui used his superior Special Forces training to lay down a lot of fire on the enemy
  • The assault waves crashed against the barrier, taking casualties but working cleverly to shield the unarmed and unarmoured
  • The support wave rapidly neutralised the enemy guards in the machine gun towers with magic, and then occupied them, retooling the LMG to fire into the enemy and also using it a as a vantage point for spellcasting and countermagic.
  • The flying wave crashed into the rear of the Aztlaner formations, spreading mayhem with fiery breath and the downdraft from massive wings
  • Marshall was disappointed that the Aztlaner Humvees had had their wireless protocols switched off, and after some struggle he’d been unable to stop the various hacked drones self-destructing.
  • In the second phase of the combat, Oxana focused on triage, organising guerillas to drag the wounded back to the infirmary for treatment. Although this reduced the overall fighting strength of the insurgent force, it definitely reduced casualties.
  • Tui used a horrific mixture of suppressive fire and minigrenades to herd Aztlaners into tight formations and then break them in short order, doing huge damage to morale
  • Solana targeted enemy mages/priests, slaying four of them herself, while the magicians in the support wave finished another seven between them, leaving just one
  • The various ground troops forced their way through the barricade. Many of them were still unarmed and unarmoured, but even those were able to surround and outnumber Aztlaner guards and beat them up with improvised clubs before taking their firearms.
  • The flying wave essentially stopped flying at this point, with the wyverns in some kind of frenzy, spearing Aztlaners on their poisonous stingers. The feathered serpents used their fiery breath and sorcerous prowess to do serious damage to the Aztlaners, putting them firmly on the back foot.
  • In the final phase of the battle, it really turned into defeat in detail. The dracoforms were gleefully devouring Aztlaners and chasing down those who tried to flee, while the Amazonian guerillas weren’t holding back from executing downed enemies.
  • Solana got into a magical duel with the High Priest of the base, defeating him and marking him for sacrifice. Her claims that he lacked devotion were proven right after all…
  • Tui got into a physical duel with Captain Cortez, his Ares Firefight skills against her Sangre y Acero techniques. Eventually, he threw her broken body against a nearby wall, leaving her bleeding and unconscious but not yet dead.
  • Oxana reoriented the triage effort to keep the wounded nearer the escape routes.
  • Eventually, the rout was complete. Solana wanted to sacrifice both the High Priest and Captain Cortez on the teocalli, but Tui was horrified at this notion, citing the Geneva Convention. Eventually time – and the Amazonian executioners – took the decision out of their hands but the gods did not get their offering of hearts.
  • Tui directed the troops to break into the armoury to ensure they were all equipped, before loading them onto the buses
  • Checking the Intelligence & Comms Centre, it became apparent that a distress signal had been issued, and that three Aguilar-GX attack helicopter gunships were inbound
  • Oxana addressed the three dragons very very politely, asking if they would agree to come along to guard the buses. The dragons agreed.
  • This turned out to be very important, as they utterly destroyed the helicopters when they came in. Without draconic intervention, the outcome would have been much less certain.
  • The final count of rescuees was as follows:
    • 90 mundane guerillas
    • 20 Awakened guerillas
    • 4 drakes (three humans, one elf)
    • three feathered serpents, six lindworms
    • two elder lindworms
    • 25 shapeshifters (mix of jaguars and leopards)
    • five wyverns
    • 25 wounded from the infirmary (12 in critical condition)
    • 70 wounded from the battle
    • 40 bodies from the morgue
    • 75 killed in battle
  • The final count of enemy dead was as follows:
    • 150 Aztlaner guards
    • 12 Aztlaner priest/mages
    • 15 Aztlaner lieutenants
    • Captain Cortez
    • Various medical and support staff
    • Three helicopter gunship crews
  • It took about four hours of driving in the buses to get to the rendezvous with Agent. In that time, the freed prisoners were effusively grateful and there was a real sense of good feeling in the intervening period.
  • Agent took the footage and materials recovered onto his small fleet of transport vehicles, along with the 115 dead and 95 wounded so they could get proper medical attention
  • He asked the team to take the remaining healthy troops with them back to Bogotá so they can find their way back to the rainforest and rejoin the guerillas
  • He said that a refreshed stash of the mission-specific gear would be waiting at the team’s safehouse, where they would have 8 hours to rest before their second and final assignment.
    • This came as quite a shock to the team, who had understood that locating the POW camp was the first task, and liberating it the second.
Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part nine)

Public report:

  • Tui dealt with remaining hostiles in cells, Solana headed to the top floor to start dealing with the awakened creatures whilst Oxana dealt with the mages on the third floor.
  • Freed POWs were organised into fire-teams and assisted in freeing mages.
  • Prison iInfirmary and morgue liberated
  • Main attack split into three ground and one air groups; two assault groups (left and right of the gates) and a support group (through the centre)
  • Attack worked largely as planned and the Aztlan forces were destroyed
  • We left and brought the POWs to Agent who restored our ammunition/gear and returned to Bogota
Further information:

6 rounds EX-X on completing defence of 3rd floor (12 remaining in magazine), 12 EX-X and Flash-bang used on neutralise patrol and clear building of Aztechnology guard in the cells.

Support group; 20 marksmen, 20 awakened (mage/shaman), 2 drakes
Assault group; 180 (- casualties) guerillas, 20 awakened, 5 drakes, lindwrym, 25 shapeshifters
Air group; 3 feathered serpents, 5 wyverns

Two assaults were lain on the flanks of the central gates with a third group offering fire support through the centre. As we were engaging spirits were unleashed on their centre to be met by hostiles. Once fire has opened our air attack hit the rear.

Casualties amongst unarmoured and poorly armed guerillas was high but the basic plan seemed to be effective; numbers, awakened assets and shock and awe were used to good effect. Around 75 Amazonians were lost with a further 70 wounded.

We left as helicopters arrived; these were dealt with by the feathered serpents.

Tui moko

Future plans:

Rest, recuperate and prepare for the next assignment

the Mako

Colombian Subterfuge - part eight
  • Solana dropped the Invisibility spell on Tui and summoned a Plant Spirit before they rendezvoused with Oxana in the cell block. Solana approached the five guards on station shortly after the roving patrol (eight guards and two warform cheetahs) had headed up to the first floor.
  • Oxana and Tui snuck up behind the ground floor guards. Solana’s Plant Spirit created an aura of silence to disguise the noise as the team took all five of them down. Oxana finished off the ones that were merely unconscious while Tui stood watch and Solana unlocked the cells and briefed the guerrillas. They didn’t seem particularly convinced by her authority but played along, arming themselves from the fallen Aztlan soldiers and the team’s spare weapons. The armed ones were briefed to head into the barracks and start executing sleeping soldiers.
  • Matters proceeded much the same on the first floor – by this point, the team had freed 200 guerrillas and armed about 20 of them. Tui’s radar sense indicated that the guards on the second floor were arranged somewhat differently, however: three at one stairwell, and two at the other.
  • Oxana and Tui snuck up the stairs to the three guards, while Solana did likewise up the other one. Protected once again by Solana’s spirit’s aura of silence, Tui fired a high-explosive minigrenade into the guards. Their armour absorbed most of the blast, but two of the three were knocked down – unfortunately, the third used the opportunity to press an alarm on the wall. The team made short work of the guards, though, before they realised that the top-floor guards and the patrol were rapidly making their way to investigate the alarm.
  • Tui and Solana took cover behind opened cell doors, while Oxana was in one of the cells trying to revive a sedated Awakened guerrilla. The first enemy combatant that arrived was one of the warform cheetahs (the other carried on down the stairs and engaged with the freed guerrillas), which Tui turned into a fine paste using his assault rifle.
  • Seven of the thirteen guards entered the corridor (the other six carried on down the stairs and engaged with the freed guerrillas), filling the air with a hail of suppressive fire after Tui popped a mini-grenade at them. Laying prone, Tui readied two regular HE grenades; one landed right in the centre of the advancing enemies, but the other rebounded and exploded right back where it came from. Thankfully, Tui’s armour absorbed almost the entire blast.
  • Meanwhile, Solana called up her two spirits (unbound Plant Spirit and bound Guardian Spirit on its last service) and tasked them to attack and kill the guards.
  • At the end of the session, the team had freed 200 guerrillas and armed about 20 of them; some of them were also wearing parts of the Aztlan soldiers’ armour, but given it’s not personalised for them it doesn’t offer particularly good protection (better than nothing, though!). Some of those guerrillas were in combat with six Aztlan soldiers and a warform cheetah. On the second floor are eleven unconscious and/or dying Aztlan soldiers, plus one knocked down but still conscious. Oxana has woken one of the 50 sedated Awakened guerrillas, and managed to calm her down enough to start removing the magemask.
  • Marshall had also been signalled to start his part of the liberation.
Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part eight)

Public report:

  • First floor cleared quickly and efficiently
  • Second floor cleared, slightly more resistance
  • Third floor cleared, alarm raised (PanicButton)
  • Patrol and fourth floor guards assaulted third floor
Further information:

Tui moko
12 rounds (5.62mm assault rifle) expended on floor two; 1 HE minigrendade, 18 rounds EX-X (5.62mm assault rifle) expended on floor three assault; 1 HE minigrendade, 2 HE grenades, 6 rounds EX-X (5.62mm assault rifle) expended on floor three defence.

Augmented cheeta appear fast but brittle. Not enough remained to make a rug.

Future plans:

Continue with the close-quarter battle, then move to the compound proper.

the Mako

Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part seven)

Public report:

  • Tui examined the armoury; it features an assortment of weapons and ammunition
  • Oxana gets into the comms centre and exchanges the data as instructed
Further information:

Armoury has 20-30 spare, standard Aztlan loadout assault rifles along with an assortment of captured guerilla weapons (which are well catalogued), including Ares Alphas, combat axes, SMGs, AK-97s. There are a couple of spare LMG and HMGs, plus an assortment of ammunition.

The data upload took around 15 minutes, giving Oxana opportunity to install the satelite uplink to allow Marshall to assist with vehicle and drone support to the attack.

Tui moko

Future plans:

We go through the prison, dealing with the guards on the first floor, freeing the prisoners there – equipping five with uniform and assault rifles (and five further with pistols), these five then go to the barracks to a) deal with the sleeping guards and liberate additional weapons.

Marshall will seize the drones (using them to neutralise the bunkers protecting the entrance and the HQ, and then going to take on sleeping/off duty guard in the barracks) and one of the hummers – this will take out the internal chain link gate and, if working still, to attempt to go on to damage the central guard tower.

We then move upwards and repeat on the second floor, then the third (where Oxana will start to wake the drugged magically active folks, with assistance from any medically trained prisoners) and fourth.

Once the alarm is raised then it’s a case of maximum violence, shock and awe, massive killing and the like.

the Mako

Colombian Subterfuge - part seven
  • Solana inspected a lot of gear, specifically discovering that all the vehicles are kept at least 75% fuelled up, and that starting the vehicles is done by the Comms Centre transferring access to the driver’s PAN. Alternatively, there are keys locked in a safe in HQ.
  • Tui inspected the armory: 20-30 spare sets of standard loadout (Ares Alpha, Savalette Guardians, combat knife), plus all the various weapons belonging to the captive guerrillas and a shedload of ammunition
  • Oxana investigated the infirmary stores, locating their stocks of sedatives and tranq patches. She managed to steal 6 Rating 10 Tranq Patches and 6 doses of sedatives.

  • Oxana made invisible by Solana (using her Sustaining Focus) – 4 hits
  • Solana went to the prison building after also making Tui invisible (2 hits, Solana on a – 2 penalty)
  • Tui and Oxana snuck up to entrance of Comms Centre, and Oxana hardware-hacked the retinal scanner to get inside.
  • Oxana started the upload of the files, which took 15 minutes (completing the third objective)
  • Tui stood around, ready for action…
  • While waiting, Oxana forced open a window and connected a satellite link to the vehicle control hub

Sole remaining objective is “After the files are transmitted, liberate the camp and return the Amazonian soldiers who are in fighting condition to Bogotá, while the injured prisoners and any remains of dead Amazonian soldiers are to be turned over to ”/campaigns/corporate-intrigue/characters/agent" class=“wiki-content-link”>Agent on their way back to Bogotá"

Plan for next time:

  • Ask Marshall to control drones to take out the bunkers and be ready for the HQ, and a Humvee to push through the central chain link fence and then into the lone tower. Then send more drones to deal with the barracks (2 drones per barracks), final drone to deal with the interrogation rooms.
  • Kill the guards and free the prisoners starting from the ground floor, sending them out under Concealment to one of the barracks.
  • Pace the wandering patrol so as to catch them on the top floor or the stairs down
  • Solana plans to summon a Plant Spirit that can use Silence to muffle the sounds
Colombian Subterfuge - part six
  • The team arrived at the POW camp without further incident and buried a cache of non-regulation gear about a mile away.
  • Approached the two bunkers either side of the single gate (north entrance), each with three guards in, and posed as a surprise inspection team from the General’s office to get in (supporting evidence from military SINs, nano-etched bone markings, and equipment helped a lot here!)
  • Camp has two perimeter fences: exterior is 15m tall concrete wall and Interior fence is 12m tall plascrete wall, both topped with razor wire. There’s a 20m buffer zone between, filled with smart minefields. The camp is partitioned into two sections by a 10m-tall chain link fence, with gates remotely controlled from HQ. The west side has the following buildings:
    • Facility HQ
    • small teocalli (stepped pyramid temple)
    • three empty helipads
    • vehicle/drone depot
    • armory (also protected by chain-link fence)
    • comms centre (also protected by chain-link fence)
  • The east side has the following buildings:
    • 2 x barracks for Aztlan soldiers (total capacity 250)
    • Prison ward
      • North wing: infirmary and morgue
      • South wing: Interrogation rooms
    • 3 x guard towers watching the prison ward

Medellin camp

  • The team were ordered to report to Captain Cortez in the HQ building, who was clearly nonplussed about the situation. Nevertheless, she agreed to co-operate fully with the team.
    • Tui posed as a senior NCO and PT instructor along for physical testing of troops
    • Oxana posed as a Lieutenant and doctor here to do medical exams
    • Solana posed as a Lieutenant and HR type here to perform interviews
  • She gave the team free access to the facility, aside for the Communications Centre.
  • Through making friends, making enemies, and nosing around, the team discovered the following:
    • About 150 guards and 350 prisoners currently on site
    • In the prison cells:
      • 1st & 2nd floor: 100 mundane Amazonian prisoners per floor, in average to good physical condition. Injuries have been treated, most have not been abused. 10 of the warriors have been severely beaten and left in their cells to suffer. Fifteen warriors have been obviously tortured, stabbed, burned, mutilated and so on and left in their cells to suffer.
      • 3rd floor: 50 Awakened warriors, all magemasked and heavily sedated in warded cells.
      • 4th Floor: nine drakes (seven humans, two elves), three feathered serpents, six lindworms, two elder lindworms, 25 shapeshifters (mix of jaguars and leopards), five wyverns. Many seem to have undergone extensive medical testing. All those except the shapeshifters are sedated but otherwise in average physical condition. All have mage-masks (or equivalent) on and are in warded cells.
      • Each floor has five on-duty guards at any given time. There’s also a roaming patrol of eight armed guards and two warform cheetahs doing random checks across every floor, making the rounds every twenty minutes.
    • In the infirmary/morgue:
      • 25 wounded in the infirmary, stable condition but 12 are critical.
      • 40 bodies of prisoners who died in custody.
      • 25 could have been saved using advanced medtech. Files clearly indicate that Aztlan deliberately chose not to invest in their care, resulting in death.
    • Interrogation wing:
      • 20 interrogation rooms; 10 in use.
      • In six of those rooms, interrogators are using drugs to force information out.
      • In the other four, Aztlan is using physical torture and magic to compel information from the prisoners – leaders of captured guerilla cells. Cameras here are, by default, turned off.
    • Vehicle and drone depot:
      • Numerous military Humvees
      • 6 modified Conestoga Vista buses, each with a seating capacity of 60.
      • 8 ground drones
    • In the next three days (one and a half days as of the end of the session), fifty more Aztlan troops will arrive in camp to transfer 200 of the camp’s prisoners to Tenochtitlán, and then another Aztlan unit will arrive with a fresh batch of Amazonian prisoners.
    • Access to the Comms Centre is heavily restricted – only Lieutenants and above who have been on staff here for at least six months are assigned there, due to the sensitive intelligence information flowing through it.

At the end of the session, the team had completed the following objectives:

  • Make trideo recordings of the prisoners, guards, interrogation rooms, and the medical infirmary. Footage is needed of active interrogations and any instances of prisoner abuse.
  • Obtain all medical records for the injured prisoners from the infirmary.

The team had yet to complete the following objectives:

  • Sneak into the communications centre and replace Aztlan intelligence files with files constructed by Amazonian intelligence (provided).
  • After the files are transmitted, liberate the camp and return the Amazonian soldiers who are in fighting condition to Bogotá, while the injured prisoners and any remains of dead Amazonian soldiers are to be turned over to Agent on their way back to Bogotá

Plan for next time:

  • Oxana and Tui sneak into comms centre (ideally invisible) and do the switcheroo
  • Oxana opens internal prison doors and starts de-sedating mages and paracritters
  • Maybe start actual fight by killing senior officers, esp. Captain Cortez
  • Solana and Tui hit the armory to arm the guerrillas and/or immobilise guards in prisoner centre (minimise resistance)
  • Get folks to buses

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