Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part six)

Public report:

  • Very high security – twin walls, razorwire, minefield. One entrance to the north with a pair of bunkers guarding it
  • Accepted as “inspectors” and gained bunk assignments
Further information:

Upon arrival Solana gave the story of being sent on a surprise inspection – we got through the first gate. Second barrier, a 12m wall separated from the first, 15m, wall by a minefield and through to the camp.

Inside the camp is divided into two zones with a chain-link fence. One side has the HQ (a stepped pyramid), three helipads, garage, communications centre and armoury (both with a fence). The other has two barracks along with an infirmary, detention centre and interrogation centre for the prisoners. Plenty of guard towers surround the PoW buildings.

Captain Cortez, commanding, met us in the HQ, we got bunk assignments and spent the evening settling in. Tui managed to settle into a game of poker, making some friends.

In the infirmary there are 25 injured PoWs, 12 critical.

Radar does not penetrate the communications centre, but otherwise we have a layout – prisoner dorms have 4 floors (paracritters on the top floor; includes shapeshifters, wyrverns, chimera, lindwyrm, drakes, feathered serpents, etc).

Interrogation rooms – 20, of which 10 are in use at any time. Various metahumans being subject to medical experiment/drug based interrogation (6) with some showing blank feeds (4). No chance of accessing the rooms, only non-essential officers have access. Each room has a Lt. and a magically active officer (in the blanked out rooms), otherwise it is a Lt. and a medical tech.

Oxana was able to access the cameras in the blanked off rooms – a combination of old-school enhanced interrogation techniques (torture) and magical skills

There is room for 250 guards; 150 on site but 50 more coming in 3 days. Then they will remove 200 prisoners, leaving 150 behind – there are currently 350 with room for up to 400 at maximum occupancy. Approximately 25% of the main prison population have signs of abuse, around 15% of serious burnings and torture, another 10% with beatings.

3rd floor has 50 large cells, each with thick, padded doors. The prisoners are all unconscious and on gurneys, with drips and wearing mage-masks but do not appear otherwise to have been mistreated. Each room is individually warded (Rated 4).

4th floor has fewer rooms of irregular sizes. Solana was able to see 9 metahumans, of whom 7 are human and 2 are elves, each of which is sedated and mage-masked. Additionally there are 3 feathered serpents, 6 lindworms (between 15-25m), 2 Elder lindworm, 5 wyverns, and 25 assorted animals (thought to be Shapeshifters); these are primarily jaguars and leopards. All of the obvious paracritters are sedated and locked away, the animals are awake and prowling through the rooms whilst wearing odd mage-masks. All rooms are individually warded.

There are 40 prisoners bodies in the morgue – these show signs of abuse and 25 of them could have been saved, however, officers made a decision not to use advanced medical technologies to save them. All of them were signed off by Captain Cortez.

Maintenance guys were whining about having to make space in the garage for 6 buses – our vehicle will have been added to a general pool. Each bus could, at a stretch, fit 60 people.

Tui moko

Future plans:

Oxana needs to get access to the Communications centre; we need to work out how to overcome the guards and free the prisoners.

This could be problematic.

the Mako

Colombian Subterfuge - part five
  • Marshall got in touch regarding the team’s first set of proper objectives at the POW camp near Medellín in Aztlan. The objectives are as follows:
    • Make trideo recordings of the prisoners, guards, interrogation rooms, and the medical infirmary. Footage is needed of active interrogations and any instances of prisoner abuse.
    • Obtain all medical records for the injured prisoners from the infirmary.
    • Sneak into the communications centre and replace Aztlan intelligence files with files constructed by Amazonian intelligence (provided).
    • After the files are transmitted, liberate the camp and return the Amazonian soldiers who are in fighting condition to Bogotá, while the injured prisoners and any remains of dead Amazonian soldiers are to be turned over to Agent on their way back to Bogotá
  • Marshall also arranges delivery of some etcher nanites needed to allow you to pose as Aztlan military. You have some time to prepare before they arrive and you can set off…
  • The journey into Aztlan was characterised by clear-cut rainforest and relative safety, until a Toxic Juggernaut crashed out of the trees and decided to eat the team’s vehicle. Between Oxana‘s driving, Tui’s use of the onboard machine gun, and Solana’s magic, however, you were more than able to defeat it and carry on towards the POW camp in your disguise as Aztlan soldiers. The only thing missing was transfer papers, but you were hopeful you could blag it in.
Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part five)

Public report:

  • On the way to the POW camp we were attacked by a giant armadillo, a juggernaut
  • Despite being mighty a combination of HMG and magic took it down
  • Solana determined the juggernaut was toxic
Further information:

Tui moko

Having received our updated mission parameters, and the etcher nanites, we set off for the POW camp. Little to report other than tangling with the juggernaut.

Future plans:

Continue to the POW camp and gain entry, which may involve quick-talking (and/or some magic).

the Mako

Colombian Subterfuge - part four
  • Began with looting from the killing last time
  • Tried to establish whether there had ever been a facility in this location – indications from the state of the road was that there might have been
  • Upon returning to Bogotá, eating and getting cleaned up, made a plan and headed back to The Abyss in their car rather than the Humvee in the evening
  • Bartender this time is a male troll called Pablo (according to his t-shirt)
  • Started interrogating Dominic Martin, who seemed surprised to see the team but managed to keep his calm outwardly
  • He offered them the GPS navpoint for the POW camp, which the team fed back to Marshall, who said that the location was deep in the rainforest and he couldn’t therefore see much there
  • Solana then reconnected with Esmerelda, and exchanged the tank the team handed over for her to check Martin’s data. Esmerelda said that the location Martin handed over wasn’t the location she would have provided.
  • The team left the bar in the car and parked round the corner, while Solana spied on Dominic astrally until he left the bar in his car. Tui attempted to run the car off the road (unsuccessfully) and Oxana shot out both front tyres and Solana successfully cast Control Actions on him. Oxana and Tui beat him to submission with stun guns and then the team abducted him by tying him up, gagging him, stripping him of communications gear and sticking him in the boot of the car.
  • Tui dumped Martin’s car in a nearby alley while Oxana drove Solana and Martin to the safehouse
  • Oxana changed Martin’s underwear, after he messed himself when stun baton-ed into submission
  • After healing Martin, Solana interrogated him, assisted by magic and the rest of the team. He revealed that he was Aztlan military intelligence and a lot of details of the Vicar General’s security plan.
    • She’s staying in the El Hotel del Eldorado in the Aztechnology Business Complex (ABC)
    • The complex is a heavily walled-off section of town with military checkpoints at all the major intersections leading in. Guards thoroughly search the vehicle and scrutinise credentials.
    • ABC has ten-metre reinforced concrete wall around it, with gun turrets, guard towers, security cameras, patrolling military aerial and ground drones, and patrolling spirits (including blood spirits!).
    • Checkpoints have strategically placed concrete barricades to prevent just ramming through, plus retractable pilons in the ground to block vehicles entirely.
    • Only Aztlan SINs will allow them to book a room in the hotel as El Hotel del Eldorado has had to up its security significantly.
    • VG heads out about 7am to do her thing and returns to the penthouse (50th floor) around 8pm.
    • Vicar General’s Jaguar and Leopard guards have completely locked down the 49th floor (the one below the penthouse) so there are no occupied rooms near the penthouse. Rating 3 motion sensors in each vacant hotel suite to make sure no one tries to get in from below. VG’s security have complete control over who gets in and all security cameras, VIP elevator, sensors, door locks etc. controlled by a military grade node.
    • 49th Floor patrolled by six Leopard Guards (Grade 2 Initiated adepts) and 4 warform cheetahs.
    • Penthouse has access to an adjoining helipad complete with modified Aztechnology AZ-100. This is the VG’s escape route; failing that, it’s the VIP elevator down to the underground parking structure to a heavily armoured Rover Model 2068 (guarded by 4 Leopard Guards).
    • In the penthouse are 5 Jaguar Guards plus a Force 6 Fire Spirit. Emergency stairways locked by two R6 maglocks with R4 anti-tamper.
    • Background count aspected towards Aztec magicians; is low in the hotel, gets stronger the closer to the teocalli you get.
    • Escape route involves encountering Aztechnology security forces, plus aerial or ground drones, plus military vehicles carrying Aztlaner troops. Inside the ABC, enemies aim to disable the vehicle and use non-lethal means to acquire the VG. Outside the ABC the tactics turn lethal.
    • Helicopter has a biometric lock (tuned to the Jaguar Guards) and six stealth RFID tags planted in its electronics system and a basic termination system. Rigger will try to guide it to either the rooftop of the teocalli or El Dorado airport to recover the VG.
  • They got the name of his superior from him as well
  • Over in the Abyss, Esmerelda still wasn’t shifting on the subject of taking the Vicar General so Oxana went to talk to Xavier Ortiz
  • Ortiz was genuinely shocked by the news about Dominic Martin and agreed to provide the location of the POW camp (which he did). He also asked Oxana to abduct one of the Vicar General’s aides who’s meeting with some Aztlan guerrillas in the jungle in the next 72 hours.
  • Oxana also agreed to hand Martin over to the Catholic Church
  • There was some discussion as to whether to check the information with Esmerelda, which the team eventually decided against on the basis of operational security
  • The team handed Martin over to the Church, as agreed, and reported to Marshall that they had the location
Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part four)

Public report:

  • Returned to the city, then to the mercenary bar where we got the supposed location of the POW camp
  • Determining the intel was faulty we decided to intercept the priest as he leaves the bar
  • Priest was seized and brought in for interrogation
Further information:

We were able to obtain some additional ammunition, approximately 60 rounds 7.62, 60 rounds Ex 9mm, from the remains of the Aztlan patrol before moving on. We returned to the city in order to make contact with the priest.

Things quickly got tense as Oxana spoke to the priest, with Solana going to add magical eyes. A GPS location was given for the POW camp. Also for a clinic. Solana then spoke with the rebels, giving some intelligence in exchange for confirmation that the GPS location was not the POW camp.

Deciding to follow the priest and get clearer information Solana did the basic watching Astrally, Tui took the driving to allow Oxana to shoot out his tires. Once in a quiet area we struck.

Back at the safehouse, bagged and taped to a chair, questions were asked which revealed him to work for Aztlan Military Intelligence

Information on Vicar-General:
  • Vicar General’s security, will go through the main Aztechnology compound. Entry is hard, with security high
  • Staying at Hotel ElDorado, 49th floor, which has significant levels of security
  • Protected by both Jaguar and Leopard Guard, along with spirits on call

Tui moko


I was able to make contact with a supplier for 7.62 ExEx rounds and purchased a box of 100. This was paid for out of my own pocket as discretionary funds were not available. Can this be refunded?

the Mako

Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part three)

Public report:

  • We made it to an old warehouse; our target was a drugs-lab of the David Cartel
  • After scouting the area we discovered it was an ambush
  • The twelve Azlan soldiers were slain with no harm to the team
Further information:

We elected to travel to the site provided to us by Dominic Martin (of the Order of the Temple) taking both vehicles and all equipment. Once on site Solana scouted astrally and determined there were 12 people inside with moderate enhancements (eyes, muscles, nervous system) in ambush positions.

Determined to discover more, ideally information on the likely targets of the ambush, we proceeded at a crawl to the facility. Quickly deciding that explosives were the better part of valour Oxana disabled the front roller shutter and moved to the rear door with Solana whilst I moved to a flanking position using a hole in the wall to see inside.

At H-hour the ambush was turned on its head with a combination of grenade (F/B, H/E, Incendiary (Oxana), Incendiary) and burst fire, two spirits and other magical support provided by Solana.

None of the Aztlan soldiers made it from the inferno of the building and we were unharmed. It seems likely that this was a set-up designed to catch a troublemaking priest, however, had we stumbled into it without proper preparation and integration the dozen soldiers could have caused us severe problems, thus underscoring the advantages of working together and training exercises.

Both Oxana and Solana showed excellent decision-making and tactical awareness, and the team as a whole did excellent work.

Resources expended:
  • 4 minigrenades (1x Flash-Bang, 1x High Explosive, 2x Incendiary)
  • 42 rounds Ex-Ex (7.62mm, looted from Aztlan forces in previous meeting)
  • 25 rounds (approx) Regular (7.62mm, standard issue)
Resupply Request:

Information on suitable sources of additional ammunition, minigrenades and chemical enhancements would be appreciated.

Colombian Subterfuge - part three
  • The team drove for two hours out of Bogota, heading through areas of jungle that had been clear-cut and otherwise badly damaged to the location of the David Cartel facility given to them by Dominic Martin
  • They reached a pretty dilapidated warehouse out in the middle of nowhere; it had once been surrounded by a fence which had long since rusted away.
  • They parked about a mile away, intending to advance by stealth through the knee-high (on a human) tree stumps and undergrowth
  • Solana’s astral scouting revealed that there were twelve augmented people in an ambush formation inside the warehouse
  • The team advanced, unwittingly alerting the guards when they got nearby
  • Oxana interfered with the operation of the main door, preventing it from being opened and also rigging it to deliver a nasty electric shock to the first person who tried to open it
  • Tui started the fight by firing a flash-bang grenade through a crack in the wall, while Solana deployed two bound spirits to assist in the fight. Oxana bided her time, waiting for the “ambushers” (wearing light military armour with full Aztlan insignias) to cross her line of sight, at which point she started shooting.
  • Tui and Oxana fired incendiary mini-grenades into the warehouse, starting a huge blaze. Between Oxana and Tui’s continued gunfire, Solana’s Manabolts and Control Actions spells, and the spirits joining in to finish off their assigned targets, the twelve Aztlan soldiers who were lying in wait were all killed and the building was well on the way to being totally destroyed by fire, a large plume of smoke filling the sky…
  • The only people on the team’s side to take any damage were the two spirits.
Colombian Subterfuge - part two
  • Carried on along the road, passing lots of burnt-out military equipment like tanks, helicopters and so on
  • Encountered a column of refugees, fleeing from tanks approaching their village. The team gave them water purification tablets and a small amount of water, plus directions south
  • As you travelled north, Tui first heard the sound of approaching tanks, so Solana and Oxana headed back south while Tui snuck forward and identified six Aztlan military tanks. He called in one of the orbital strikes and destroyed five, before taking out the commander with assault rifle fire while one of Solana’s spirits took out the driver.
  • From there, it was a fairly uneventful drive north, with just visual contact with a helicopter presumably going to investigate the tanks
  • You also passed some sangre del diablo trees, and gave them a wide berth


  • Went through a checkpoint operated by ¡Bogotá Libre!, with Solana blagging the team’s way through
  • Got referred by Marshall to a safehouse provided by Agent
  • Cleaned off, got pretty basic soyfood there, and headed to the Abyss
  • The Abyss is in Zona Centrico. It’s in a neighbourhood without electricity and filled with the burned-out husks of buildings, but it has its own secured parking lot for its patrons surrounded by a 5m-high chainlink fence topped with monowire. Each of the six “parking attendants” is packing an assault rifle and wearing full body armour. The bar itself does have electricity, and has about sixty or so people clustered around various tables, most of whom have their eyes trained on the newcomers as you enter.
  • Went in, and ordered some whisky-like synthahol from the ork bartender, who asked (in Portuguese) whether the team were looking for work, to which you replied that you weren’t
  • Grabbing a table and sitting for a while, the team each overheard some of the conversations going on in the bar. This led to some serious concerns that the POW camp might actually be a secret anti-dragon research centre
  • Asking around is tricky; you have no rep with the mercenaries and they don’t know where your allegiances lie. Eventually you find out about five different options:
    • Raul Javier is a lieutenant from the Olaya Cartel who has no love for Aztlan.
      • Marshall’s report: long rap sheet, released from prison by cartel when the government collapsed so clearly has some pull
    • Dominic Martin is a priest from the Order of the Temple, a militant order of the Catholic Church who is using the war to attempt to win converts.
      • Marshall’s report: moved here in 2066, pretty solid reputation for various social work, friends with Xavier Ortiz, part of a secret order that might explain some of the inconsistencies in his file
    • Esmerelda Mendez is an activist with ¡Bogotá Libre!
      • Marshall’s report: dwarf who hires mercs for her group, anti-Aztlan and Amazonia
    • Xavier Ortiz is a priest of the Catholic Church and a member of the New Jesuits.
      • Marshall’s report: Aztlan has tried to assassinate him three times for his staunch opposition to them
    • Yesenia Sanchez is a drug pusher from the David Cartel who lost several family members in Aztlan’s recent bombings of Bogota and wants to even the score.
      • Marshall’s report: low-level drug pusher and forger, known for running con games on mercenaries in the Abyss
  • Solana talked to Esmerelda, who confirmed that she could get the information, but only if the team captured the Vicar General (3IC of Aztlan state religion, a woman called Celesta Vargas) on her visit to Bogota to dedicate the teocalli.
  • Oxana talked to Dominic Martin, who (in a lengthy faith-tinged conversation started by Oxana’s religious demonstration) said that he might be able to locate the POW Camp if the team were willing to put a David Cartel production facility out of action permanently
  • Oxana went looking for a secret, political meeting of Catholic priests in Zona Norte, but couldn’t find it
  • Upon returning to Dominic Martin and accepting his job, Oxana got given an envelope containing the location of the facility to put out of action
Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part two)

Public report:

  • We met some refugees on the path who warned of trouble ahead
  • Finding a patrol of Aztlan tanks we destroyed them
  • We entered Bogota’s Central Zone, and found the safehouse
  • We then moved to the mercenary bar as advised and went in search of information
Further information:

Continuing down the road we met some refugees; there was a moment of liberal bleeding heartedness where they were patted on the head and issued with water purification tablets. Continuing down the track we met a patrol of 6 tanks.

I headed on ahead on foot and dealt with 5 of the 6 with a Loki Shot. The final tank was taken out with small arms fire on the commander and the assault of a spirit for the driver. Seizing some ammunition we continued on to Bogota.

The Central Zone had three entrances – one controlled by Aztlan military forces, one by Aztechnology and one by the rebels. Solana talked our way into the zone where we headed to the safehouse via a gas station. After a shower and something to eat we headed to the bar where we were hoping to find intel leading to the prison compound.

After obtaining local transportation we drove to the bar, taking note of the strong security outside. When we entered 60 people took note of us and we bought some drinks to consider the next step. Having spent some time listening around, then speaking to some people, we identified the following useful people:

  • Raoul Javier is a member of a Amazonian drug cartel, a lieutenant of the Alela Cartel, with a long rap sheet of violent crime. He escaped once the country fell and the prison lacked proper control. He is presumably a senior and respected member of an organised crime family who have been badly affected by the Aztlan military.
  • Xavier Ortez, a healthy 72 Catholic priest who hates Aztlan and who is uniting the people. In the city since 2049 and well known throughout the city. Member of the New Jesuits – whose job is to spread the word and protect the issues of the Church through military and missionary means. Aztlan has tried to kill him reportedly three times.
  • Dominic Martin, a Spanish priest who recruits to the Bogota Libre movement and is part of the Order of the Temple. May be a special operative
    • Offered information if we destroy a drug factory operated by the David Cartel
    • Information on the target was given.
  • Yesenia Sanchez, of the David Cartel which is pro Aztlan, is a con artist, forger and drug pusher whose family died two years ago in a bombing raid by Aztlan forces
  • Esmerelda Mendez, a dwarf, grew up in Bogota and is in the Bogata Libre movement. She glows in the dark and has bone spurs with bioluminesence in her hair. She acts as a contact for mercenaries with regards employment, and favours neither Aztlan or Amazonia
    • Offered information if we seized the Vicar General of Aztlan and brought her to the Bogota Libre movement. Solana said no

Tui moko

the Mako

Colombian Subterfuge - part one
  • Briefing with C.O. and Marshall as normal. Amazonian office is nicer than the other carbon-copies you’ve seen before.
  • Flight in on a cargo plane (Horizon Skybarge) loaded with lots of supplies for the front line. You get given inoculations for the region by Oxana.
  • En route, the plane is painted by SAMs. One hit the vehicle but Tui and Oxana managed enough repairs to land safely, weaving its way through heavy fire and nearby explosions. Touches down safely on a large, open field. Met by “Agent” who hands them the keys to their new vehicle (Ares Milspec Humvee) but provides the first step of the job – find and prepare to infiltrate an Aztlan POW camp (getting the next stage of the mission once preparations are complete)
    • Much scurrying by the ground crew who load pallets onto appropriate trucks while others refuel the plane and restock countermeasures.
  • Then it’s time to travel through the rainforest!
    • You drove through the site of a recent battle, seeing dead soldier strewn about on the rainforest floor. One dozen gnawers and ghouls were feeding on the soldiers’ remains. Oxana drove through the scene at pace.
    • Upon reaching a wide river after about 6hrs of driving, it turner out the bridge had been burnt out or blown up by guerrillas, so you lost another 3hrs finding another place to cross.
    • At some point on the other side of the river, you crossed into the territory of a feathered serpent. It attacked you, but Tui and Solana managed to kill it while Oxana drove deftly through the trees.

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