Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part one)

Public report:

  • Dawkins Group, Horizon, is the client
  • Travel by cargo plane 120km south of Bogota where we will meet a Horizon Agent
  • On the way, despite Tui’s attempts to help the pilot, one SAM fired from the ground hit the Horizon Skybarge on which we were travelling. Damage was extensive but Oxana and Tui were able to keep her flying
  • We met our contact, Agent, who gave a verbal briefing before we took possession of our gear and a humvee
  • Driving to the city of Bogota with Solana when there were 12 contacts on Tui’s radar. Preparing for trouble we pressed on – dead soldiers, both Aztlan and Amazonian guerilla, were being preyed upon by ghouls. We decided to press on
  • Having discovered there was a bridge out we were forced to divert, where a feathered serpent launched an attack. We defeated it though it was tough.
Further information:

Top secret, Azlan PoW camp. We have to find the camp, craft a plan to infiltrate it and contact Agent for more details.

Tui moko

Future Plans:

Continue combat and fulfil contract

the Mako

Intelligence Dossier - Bogotá region and the Aztlan military protocols


Bogotá has been caught in the middle of a protracted international conflict between the two superpowers of Amazonia and Aztlan since 2049, when the two nations first sent their respective militaries into and absorbed Colombia and Venezuela. Their actions eventually left a large segment of disputed territory around the former capital of Colombia. From 2049 until 2072, the region existed in the state of a Cold War fear, prepared at any time for widespread hostilities to resume between the two occupying forces. Hostilities began to rise during the Year of the Comet, when both sides misinterpreted the SURGE phenomenon for an attack launched by the other side. There were more casualties between those two nations during the Year of the Comet than there had been since the two nations ceased hostilities in 2049.

Aztlan antagonized the fragile peace further when it learned of the Sangre Del Diablo trees, a rare, SURGEd tree specimen. Due to the tree’s carnivorous nature and hardened physiology, Aztlan decided it could be a natural barrier against ground incursions from Amazonia that could threaten its presence in Bogotá. Between 2062 and 2063, Aztlan covertly spread the seeds of the Sangre Del Diablo tree throughout the rainforest surrounding Bogotá. The trees, affected by the extraordinary growth of the Awakened rainforest, rapidly altered the ecosystem surrounding the Bogotá area and took over, killing off other native plants and fauna. Aztlan was reckless with the seeding of the Sangre Del Diablo trees, and today there are several sections of Bogotá that are uninhabitable due to dense infestations of the Sangre Del Diablo trees inside the city. The bark and sap of the Sangre Del Diablo trees are deep red in color, and the trees are highly resistant to fire and magic. In addition, the wood is a hardened material, resistant to most types of physical damage. The trees possess the power to influence individuals into approaching it; it then snags the victim within its branches and engulfs them in a corrosive sap. Due to the presence of the trees, foot travel through the forest around Bogotá is highly discouraged. Travelling in a ground vehicle is the safest way to approach Bogotá from the rainforest.

The threat of Aztlan making yet another alteration to the ecosystem and thereby altering the balance of power between the two nations unnerved Amazonia, and they were pushed over the edge by rumors of a secret weapon being worked on in the heart of the Aztechnology Business Complex. The rumor was false, but Amazonia did not learn that until after they launched an attack. Once that happened, the United Nations and the Corporate Court were powerless to stop Aztlan and Aztechnology from declaring war on Amazonia, which they acknowledged had a right to defend their interests from unprovoked attacks. The war has altered the landscape of groups and organizations operating in the area, and it is important to understand these groups in order to be able to recognize them as potential friends or foes.

A staunch supporter of Aztlan in the area is the David cartel. Working with anyone from this cartel is risky at best, as intel from that relationship can be passed onto Aztlan. The Olaya and Andres cartels with operations in the area are sworn enemies of the David cartel, Aztlan, and Aztechnology, particularly after Aztechnology bombed their tempo fields around Bogotá. Their assistance may be expensive, but they are reliable. The Catholic Church is active in Bogotá and is actively opposing the Aztlan regime out of its own religious and political agenda. The Catholic Church’s agenda does not conflict with Horizon’s objectives for this mission, so its members could be a reliable source of support and assistance. There are political groups, members of the Colombian Liberation Movement, that could provide reliable assistance to runners during their mission. Although they do not care for either Amazonia or Aztlan, given their promnent view that both nations are foreign occupiers, if runners let them know they are in the area to cause significant problems for Aztlan, they should win over their support.

Since the war began, there is an increasing toxic shaman and spirit presence in the area. A majority of these beings has been actively assisting Aztlan in defeating Amazonia so that they can spoil and taint the rainforest that Amazonian forces have so staunchly protected. These toxic shamans should be handled with extreme prejudice. In addition to the presence of the toxics, there has been a sizable increase in the number of shadow spirits around the Bogotá region. Over the past two years, attacks involving shadow spirits (particularly shades and wraiths) are up by thirty-five percent. Horizon agents are currently investigating this phenomenon. Should runners dispatched to Bogotá encounter a shadow or wraith spirit, they should treat them with extreme prejudice. If any such spirits are captured, Horizon will pay reasonable compensation.

While in Bogotá, operatives should avoid the Aztechnology Business Complex. There is a high probability that assigned missions will not directly involve the complex, and it has two major Aztlan military complexes. The first, which is used by Aztlan ground troops, is based in the teocalli of Tezcatlipoca. Intelligence reports indicate there are close to five thousand troops stationed in the teocalli at any given time. The second military installation, the El Dorado airport, has air assets stationed at the base, including fighter jets, aerial drones, attack helicopters, and LAVs.

If operatives decide to adopt a disguise of Aztlan military personnel, they first must be issued etcher nanites. Aztlan uses etcher nanites to produce unique metallic patterns on their soldiers’ humerus bones. These markings confirm that they are in fact Aztlan soldiers and also identify their specific duty station. Etcher nanites will not be made available to runners until they receive specific instructions to infiltrate a military installation. Obtaining etcher nanites on the black market or from unreliable contacts in the region is a risk, as the nanites may be ineffective and/or harmful. There are two types of etcher nanites: the kind that leave permanent markings in the bone and the kind that leave temporary markings. All etcher nanites used by Horizon leave temporary markings that fade over time. If permanent etcher nanites are used, the only way to remove the resulting markings is through time-consuming and painful surgery. The mission-specific gear provided to assets in Bogotá includes weapons and armor are sanctioned for Aztlan military personnel to use. Operatives should only carry these weapons when they are infiltrating a military compound.

There is a chance that runners’ cover identities might be challenged. They may be asked where they received their basic training and who their instructor was. Responses should be as follows: Eight-week basic training was given in Ensenada under the supervision of Drill Sergeant Miguel Ortega. After that, operatives were transferred to San Antonio for an additional four-week advanced combat training regiment under the instruction of Drill Sergeant Santiago Carlos. Both of these individuals are Horizon infiltrators inside the Aztlan military and will be able to back up operatives’ cover IDs should any Aztlan soldiers attempt to contact them for verification purposes.

Colombian Subterfuge - briefing


Operation: Colombian Subterfuge
Case Officer: Maria da Assunção “C.O.” Andrade Esteves
Technical Operations: Marshall Flinkman
Field Operatives: Solana Belasco, Oxana Petrova, Tui Tukiwaho
Base Of Operations: Metrópole, Amazonia
Client: Horizon’s Dawkins Group

Operational Overview:

  • Working in and around Bogotá
  • Applying subtle manipulations to alter the fortunes of the war in Amazonia’s favour
  • At client’s request, all operational information will be provided on a need-to-know basis

This is not the kind of mission we would ordinarily select your team for, however Tui Tukiwaho submitted a formal request for live-fire training and this seemed to fit the bill. Marshall Flinkmann will provide remote support as normal.

The client has provided an intelligence dossier and some mission-specific equipment (below) alongside your standard Aegis Cognito loadout. The client has indicated that the mission-specific equipment is yours to keep or dispose of as you wish once the mission is complete.

We do not anticipate that the mission will take longer than 7-10 days. Given the peculiar nature of the mission, we will treat it as two separate assignments in terms of pay.

Charter flight from Galeão-Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport in Metrópole to an airstrip c. 120km south of Bogotá. You will be furnished with a suitable vehicle containing your mission-specific equipment there.

Mission-Specific Equipment:

  • 2 large pots of nanopaste disguise each
  • Aztlan-sanctioned H&K G12A3z each
    • [Assault Rifles, DV 6P vs. B-1, SA/BF/BF-L/FA, RC 4, 32 ©] with Folding Stock, Gas-Vent 2 System, Laser Sight
  • Aztlan-sanctioned Savalette Guardian each
    • [Pistols, DV 5P vs. B-1, SA/BF, RC 2, 12 ©] with Smartgun System (Internal)
  • Aztlan-issue survival knife each
    • [Blades, DV (STR/2) + 1P vs. I-1]
  • Aztlan military uniform each (individually tailored)
  • Fake Aztlan military SIN each (Rating 5)
  • Set of Aztlan-issue light military grade armour each (14/10 protection, individually fitted)
    • Mobility upgrade rating 3
    • Quick Release
    • Responsive Interface Gear
    • Biomonitor
    • Helmet with wireless military commlink (Device Rating 6), camera, flare compensation, image link and smartlink
      • Full suite of Common Use Programs (Copy Protected, Ergonomic, Registration) and Hacking Programs (Copy Protected, Limited – see below, Registration) at Rating 6
        • Hacking programs will not work when used against Horizon employees or on Horizon nodes.
  • 1 week’s worth of MRE rations each
  • Bottle of water purification tablets each
  • 1 Ares Thunderstruck Gauss Rifle, 10 rounds, one power cell
  • 2 codes for Orbital Strikes from a Loki Orbital Deployment System (expires at mission end, only to be used if you encounter difficulties with Aztlan out in the field)
  • 1 camouflage net
  • 200 rounds of regular assault rifle ammunition
  • 200 rounds of regular heavy pistol ammunition
  • Intelligence dossier on the region and the Aztlan military
Downtime post-Project Imago

March 2073

  • The tide is turning in the brutal war between Aztlan and Amazonia, with Amazonia suffering a series of devastating losses over the past few weeks
  • The CAS have expelled two Aztlan diplomats, claiming that they were engaging in espionage.
  • Draco Foundation officials deny reports of significant resources being sent to Antarctica; they say they’re just trying to avoid the troubles around the Nicaragua Canal.
  • Marshall, very much acting on the QT and avoiding C.O., reports that he thinks the weird AR things you saw back at the Project Imago centre were e-ghosts; metasapient AIs who believe themselves to be recordings or uploads of dead people.
  • C.O., on the other hand, lets you know that your employer for the Imago job was really pleased with your work and extremely pleased with all the data you retrieved. She is upgrading all your rates of pay to 7,000¥ per mission, going forward. She also invites you to submit to Marshall any requests for changes to your equipment.
Project Imago, the Mako's Log (part three)

Public report:

  • After a firefight the invaders on the ground floor were dealt with
  • Tui followed one invader, the last remaining, through a hole in the floor of Ms Sayers office caused by a detonated shaped charge in her desk
  • The ork planted explosive charges on the door to the containment area. Upon using legitimate and proportional levels of violence the charges went off releasing the containment area
  • AR messages started to appear, suggesting that this was connected to the locked room
  • As the lower level were cleared we investigated, the scientists and Knights of Rage being extracted by helicopter
  • Surviving elves were questioned by Solana, Tui obtained the runners getaway vehicle
  • All Minuteman employees are summarily dismissed without benefits
Further information:

The bloody dwarf shaman hit me with a Manabolt. That was uncalled for. Grenades proved useful for area denial and target suppression. The ork who fled downstairs was responsible for opening the containment lab through use of explosives.

Inside the containment room there is a massive computer, suggesting that some sort of VI or AI experimentation may have been taking place.

Hired in Caer Osire by a normal Johnson, Telestrian Industries who had a plant – a scientist replaced by a doppleganger – and to do a smash and grab. Containment then Memory Regression, anything on top would be ours. Grab data and kit, handing over in boat out of Cardiff. T-bird in Irish Sea to get back to Tir Tangire. Doppleganger, Sayer, should have been extracted

Oxana has gathered some information from Browne’s computer.

Tui moko

Future Plans:

Job done.

the Mako

Project Imago - part three
  • Intruders on the ground floor killed in violent confrontation
  • The opposing team’s hacker used pre-planted explosives in Ms. Sayers’ desk to create a hole through into the basement level and dived through it. Tui followed.
  • The hacker (an ork) then started planting explosives on the entrance to the “containment area,” which went off shortly after Tui killed the shadowrunner
  • Once the containment area was breached, AR messages from fleeing beings, presumed to be AIs, came flooding in
  • Also messages from the anonymous director who impored the fleeing beings to stay
  • Upstairs, Knights of Rage organised helicopter extraction of scientists, not helping the Minutemen at all
  • Surviving shadowunners were questioned by Solana
    • They had been hired in Carasir (Portland) by a Telestrian Industries Johnson who had replaced Dr. Sayrs with a doppelganger, in order to facilitate a smash-and-grab.
    • They were to target the Containment Area and the Memory Regression Suites for the Johnson; anything else they found was theirs to take
    • Their exit plan was to get to their hidden car, drive to the docks in Cardiff, and take a boat out into the Irish Sea where a waiting T-bird would take them to Tir Tairngire
  • Oxana gathered some intel from Gordon Browne’s computer
  • Tui got hold of the runners’ getaway car to facilitate escape
  • All Minutemen staff fired, effective immediately!
Project Imago - maps

OK, so I’ve added two new items to the Maps tab. The first is the facility’s ground floor, a 26m by 11m rectangle.

The second is the facility’s basement. That central cross (the corridor) is 26m east-west and 52m north-south. You’ve not been down there yet but have a good idea of the layout from Solana’s spying.

Project Imago - part two
  • The team continued to embed themselves in the running of the facility
    • Tui ingratiated himself enough with the Chief that she let him pick up some maintenance duties in the armoury cupboard in the Operations Control Centre, where he discovered some NeoNET-brand knockoffs of Ares Alpha assault rifles, plus some clips for Colt M22A2s (despite there not being any of that model anywhere that he could find)
    • He also gained grudging permission for a Miracle Shooter tournament between Minuteman Security and the scientists (led by Julian). This revealed that the scientists were pretty unfit (no great shock) and that the Minuteman crew were well-trained and professional but nowhere near the standard of the team
    • Despite Oxana‘s encouragement, neither Malick nor any other Knights of Rage would lower themselves to getting involved in the tournament. It’s clear that they have little or no respect for their coworkers.
  • Solana built links with the Chief by bringing her coffee – also allowing her to check that Paula definitely does go to the toilet like a normal person, but not taking much time over the process. She also established that the automated security procedures (i.e. the pressure mesh in the grass and the motion sensors in the trees) would work equally well to prevent egress as entry.
  • Oxana brewed up some intestinal inhibitors and a strong laxative; Solana started spiking the Chief’s coffee with the inhibitors to create a “backlog,” as it were.
  • In the evening of the third day, Dr. Browne left site in a helicopter, which meant that the team identified this as the time to start hacking. Solana cast a spell to make Oxana invisible and set up in the cafeteria, whilst Tui kept watch from the barracks using his radar sense.
  • Oxana snuck into Dr. Browne’s office and started the long, slow process of hacking into the system there. Without the proper programs this was very challenging, but nevertheless her luck and powerful logic saw her make good progress.
  • After about 90 minutes, Tui detected five “bogeys” incoming, approaching the facility from the north, about 100m out. He warned the rest of the team and moved to the Operations Control Centre, ostensibly to do some maintenance work
  • The bogeys split into a group of three and a group of two, with the group of three heading to the west door and the group of two heading to the east door. With split-second timing, both doors were blown off their hinges by judicious use of explosives, and combat was joined. Tui grabbed a couple of assault rifles and moved to the intersection of the corridors to get the best firing position.
  • Tui and Oxana concentrated fire on an elven combat mage at the east door, killing him just seconds after his underwhelming attempt to manabolt Oxana (who had been protected by Solana’s counterspelling.
  • Solana decided to use the opportunity to get downstairs, by ordering the scientists to follow protocol and get to the lift for safety. However, the elven street samurai who’d also come in the east door sprayed the cafeteria with suppressive fire from an LMG, forcing everyone prone apart from poor Julian, who was too slow and took several rounds to the chest
  • Using the cover created by his colleague, a scrawny ork of indeterminate profession sprinted past Tui and into the Operations Control Centre the Kiwi had just left.
  • Meanwhile, at the west door, things were going rather differently. A massive troll barrelled into the Security Lounge and fired six distinct shotgun blasts – presumably, one for each off-duty staffer in there.
  • An angry-looking dwarf woman pulled a sheet of fire out of thin air and started setting light to the building
  • A professional-looking elven weapons specialist was caught in two flash-bang blasts from Tui’s underbarrel grenade launcher, along with her dwarf eco-shaman companion. She was bloodied but unbowed, spraying suppressive fire into the doors of the three named scientists.
  • The off-duty scientists mainly cowered in fear in the cafeteria, with the Minutemen guards not already dealt with in the security lounge scrambling for their weapons and the one Knight of Rage in the building absolutely failing to follow protocol and evacuate the researchers.

2013 04 09 22.46.36

(Note that the facility is 26m long east-west, and 11m long north-south.

Project Imago - Part 2 - Sola's Report


  • Tui gained access to the armoury under the pretence of cleaning and maintaining the stock (security armour, SMGs, assault rifles).
  • Tui gained permission for an AR tournament round the helipad, turning off the sensors and playing scientists v. Minutemen.
  • Solana tested the spider’s excretory staying power.
  • Oxana prepared some laxative and congestants to use to get the spider out of her office.


  • Dr Brown left site and is was used as a suitable window to hack his computer.
  • Solana turned Oxana invisible, and she moved to his room to beging hacking the system.
  • Solana kept watch in the Cafeteria, Tui in the Barracks.
  • Tui identified five bogies approaching from the North, inside the perimeter fence.


  • Six people attacked the building, three at each door, starting by blowing the doors off the frames.
  • Two mages, one streetsam, two gun bunnies… unknown.
  • Ongoing firefight.
Project Imago, the Mako's Log (part two)

Public report:

  • Armoury has a number of SMGs, Ares Alpha knock off assault rifles, security armour
  • Clips are for a different gun, the M22A2 – presumably for Knights of Rage
  • After a training simulation using the Miracle Shooter platform it seems that the Minuteman security officers are competent but not impressive
  • A team of 6 shadowrunners assaulted the facility. We staged a defence
Further information:

It seems that one of the 6 shadowrunners (an Elven mercenary with an LMG) is running some form of anti-radar system. Whilst the two magically active shadowrunners appear to be down there remains three active shooters and one presumed hacker/decker. It is likely that the on-call security team are down and the same for the Spider.

Future Plans:

Fight off the attackers, using the chaos to get the scientists down to the basement for security (and inserting at least one of us down to check the place out). Backup plan being to do a facility wipe.

Tui moko

the Mako


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