Corporate Intrigue

Project Imago - Part 1 - Sola's Report
Recon and planning

Recon – pre arrival

Met at Heathrow by Daniel (Minuteman staffer) and travelled with him to the facility. Used this time to find out the following:

  • Most of the Minuteman work is done in the grounds and the main building, generally no call for us to go to the basement.
  • There are a dozen Minutemen on site, plus Spider, Mage and about 6 ex-East End gangers called the Knights of Rage (gang changed by Celedyr – dragon).
  • There are also about a dozen science staff on site.
  • Don’t go running without warning people, pressure mesh under the grass.
  • Biggest security worries are any form of electronic espionage, along with some concerns about wannabe Shadowrunners from Cardiff – however these are less of a worry.

Recon – after arrival


  • Two fences, one round exterior, one round interior helipad.
  • Offices, cafeteria and barracks (20 beds, for Junior researchers, Minutemen and Knights of Rage).
  • Main buildings warded from floor to roof.
  • Pressure mesh visible, as well as cameras in hedges and well spaced trees, making visibility excellent.
  • I was able to use Recorded Room to find out details of the contents of the Basement – auditorium, lab stores, medical bay, enchanting lab, 3 bioware labs, 6 recovery rooms, 2 cybernetics labs, 3 surgical suites, microelectronics lab, 6 memory regression consciousness uploading suites, containment (keypad, keyboard, retinal locks). Also toilets.


  • 12 Minutemen and 6 Knights of Rage confirmed.
  • Warwick Atkins – security mage – arrogant gilipollas.
  • Chief Paula Thornbury – Spider – almost always on duty – almost always in security office, hardware jacked in (mildly malnourished, bit ill, bored, mundane, essence 3.95, lots of bio/cyberware in head).
  • Director Gordon Brown met – slimy (irritated, distracted, mundane, essence 4.5, Bio/cyberware in head including a piece of Deltaware) – AR evidence of second Director ‘Cerberus’.
  • Doctors Sayers and Klien, believed to stay in basement, as no evidence of housing for them seen.
  • At least 10 Junior Researchers on staff, share our barracks with us.


  • We are assigned as a working group of three – this is standard. Usually 6 – 8 Minutemen working at any given time.
  • Knights of Rage quite stand offish and aggressive – keep to themselves.
  • Knights of Rage take deliveries and take them down to basement – allegedly human cargo, definitely cargo big enough for a body.


  • No Marshall – this means our technological, hacking and all computer based activities will be harder.

Future Plans

  • Oxana to gain access to computer system and use her skills to find data on
  • Tui keen on taking down facility/faking a Shadowrunner attack/controlling Knights of Rage to attack people – THIS IS ALL ON HOLD.
  • Tui to gain access to weapons locker via Chief.
  • Sola to look at ways of sneaking/controlling people in order to access the basement/computer files.
Project Imago - part one
  • Briefed in Frankfurt by C.O.Marshall not able to come on this mission
  • Given a Security Procedures 3 (Minuteman +2) Knowsoft each
  • Met at Heathrow by a Minuteman staffer called Daniel who gave the team their kit and let them to the BritRail train to Cardiff and onto Caerleon and the Transys Neuronet/T-99 Project Imago R&D Facility
  • Shown around the upper floor and introduced to Paula Thornbury and Gordon Browne, plus later to Warwick Atkins
  • The team started to integrate into their patrol routes, also encountering the AR evidence of a second director called Cerberus, although no physical sign
  • Knights of Rage keep to themselves, even hostile to the Minutemen guys. Apparently responsible for taking deliveries and stuff, allegedly including human cargo.
  • Tui tried to convince the team to “take the facility down” in order to get the information, but was talked out of it
  • The team discussed ways to infiltrate the basement and/or computer system to get the information, focusing either on sneaking or controlling people
  • Tui was enthusiastic about controlling a Knight of Rage to attack Warwick, but again was talked down
  • Oxana proposed a first step of finding a computer and getting her enough alone time with it to hack in, possibly using Tui’s desire to do weapon maintenance to get him access to the weapons locker.
Project Imago - briefing


Operation: Project Imago
Case Officer: Maria da Assunção “C.O.” Andrade Esteves
Technical Operations: Marshall Flinkman
Field Operatives: Solana Belasco, Oxana Petrova, Tui Tukiwaho
Base Of Operations: Greater Frankfurt, Allied German States

Operational Overview:

  • Travel to London
  • Rendezvous with Minuteman Security personnel, whose company you are “joining”
  • Infiltrate a Transys Neuronet R&D facility at Caerlyon (Wales) and report what you discover

You are to infiltrate the Caerlyon facility disguised as security personnel employed by Minuteman Security. Whilst fulfilling your legitimate role, you are also to uncover exactly what is really happening at the facility and report back after one week (you will be rotated out to Cardiff for R&R at this time, and will then travel back to our Frankfurt offices).

Commercial flight from Frankfurt International Airport to London Heathrow. You will be met by a representative of Minuteman Security and transported to Caerlyon by train.


  • Minuteman Security is a NeoNET subsidiary, as is Transys Neuronet.
  • You will not have much of your normal equipment, instead using the Minuteman Security standard loadout
    • Armour Vest
    • Fichetti Security 600
    • HK 227-X (emergency use only)
    • Stun baton
    • Transys Avalon Commlink running Novatech Navi OS
  • You will also have your usual microtransceivers for communications between you
  • The facility itself, called the “Transys Neuronet/T-99 Project Imago R&D Facility,” does not appear on any formal records. The Great Dragon Celedyr is likely involved as NeoNET’s Director of R&D.
  • Satellite photography reveals only a single building in the designated area, as well as a helipad and loading dock.
  • Facility has no connection to the external Matrix and no security signals leaking out of main building.
  • Main building is secured with a powerful ward.
  • Exterior of building guarded by a powerful Earth elemental at all times.
Project Imago, the Mako's Log (part one)

Public report:

  • 12 Minutemen and 6 Knights of Rage for the security staff; plus Warwick Atkins, a security mage, and the Chief, Paula Thornbury, who is also the Spider. The Chief is usually on duty
  • Approx 10 junior researchers who share the barracks, Director Gordon Browne, Doctors Sayers and Klein who live in the basement
  • Most work is the grounds and main building, no access to the basement unless called on. Duty officer has the key for access
  • 6 or 8 Minuteman staff on duty at any one time – tend to be in pair or trios. We three are assigned together as one such three
  • Pressure mesh under the trees, cameras in the hedges – lots of automatic systems
Further information:

Daniel, Minuteman Security officer, alerted us to the fact that there are additional security in the shape of the Knights of Rage – a former East End street gang turned paramilitary force who work for Celedyr. Paula

Electronic espionage is the main issue, that and wannabe Shadowrunners from Cardiff.

One fence surrounds the facility with another around a helipad within it. The trees are spaced to provide excellent visual coverage.

The barracks area, with 20 beds, is one of the first rooms once you enter.

Solana was able to look at the monitors magically and will list the full contents of the basement separately. The do include:

  • Memory Regression Uploading Suites – 1-6 – along with 6 Recovery Rooms
  • Containment Area, keypad, card and retinal scanner on the door
    Most of downstairs is not covered by cameras, the corridors are covered though.

The Knights of Rage seem to run their own security patrol in parallel to the figure of 8 of Minuteman Security. They seem to only have 1 person on at any time.

It appears that there is a second Director by the name of Cerberus though there are no offices marked with that name.

Future Plans:

Tui to talk with the Chief, offering assistance with maintenance of weapons in the armoury. Whilst Oxana looks for interesting information on computers.

Tui moko

the Mako

Downtime post-Runaway Train

February 2073

  • Word from C.O. is that Aegis Cognito is profoundly disinterested in who contracted their services for Operation: Runaway Train, and neither should you be. You did a good job and the principal is very happy with your work. If you experience any negative consequences as a result of the job, report them to HR and the company will take care of it.
  • Marshall says that if you want any changes to your standard loadout of gear, you just need to ask!
  • The CAS Navy is reportedly focusing all of its might on targeting a pirate known as Kane, who has kidnapped a senior Senator’s daughter.
  • NeoNET founder Richard Villiers’ close friend and confidante Miles Lanier has now been absent for 18 months. Rumours surround his disappearance, linking it to both an investigation into Trans-Latvian Enterprises and the machinations of the Great Dragon Celedyr (NeoNET’s Director of Research & Development)
Runaway Train - part three
  • Asked Marshall to find a list of mining suppliers
  • Checked one out – yard with two or three prefab sheds and a prefab office. Defended by five kids from a local gang with Remington Roomsweepers.
  • Tui set fire to a nearby building, causing the gangers to flee
  • Oxana kicked the gate at the front, breaking the chain
  • You loaded up 100kg of commercial explosives and two boxes of detonator caps, plus some breeze blocks, picks and so on
  • Tui rigged the mining store to explode and then blew the place up, demolishing several local houses and injuring folk involved in the firefighting effort
  • The team fled into the prairie and concealed the explosives
  • Then bought some dry-mix concrete
  • Made three separate charges, each of them more powerful than the last, absolutely ruining the train and the rails as they detonated. The local wildlife fled and Tui threw the mask.
  • Oxana drove the team towards Kisumu Airport, where they were confronted by a manifesting astrally-projecting shaman who demanded the team promise to “repay their debt” incurred by having framed the Maasai for attacking the train.

Karma: 7 each

Runaway Train, the Mako's Log (part three)

Public report:

  • We broke into a mining supplies company and stole explosives, detonators and other needed gear
  • 48 hours were spent safeguarding the materials
  • Three devices were laid alongside the track to detonate as the train went past
Further information:

After some discussion, and determining that the cost of bribe and buying sufficient explosives would be prohibitively expensive, we decided to obtain sufficient demolitions gear by stealing it from a mining supplies company. After introducing an incendiary grenade to a nearby building to distract the gangers we three broke into the compound and took:

  • 100kg of commercial explosives
  • two boxes of detonator caps
  • breeze blocks

To cover the missing explosives the store was set to detonate, which caused some damage but served as a distraction to our shopping trip.

The next 48 hours were spent safeguarding the cache and obtaining some instant concrete before we made our move on the train.
Tui moko
I formed three bunkers from breeze blocks and quick-dry cement alongside the track, ready to hit the train front, middle and rear.

I am pleased to report that the operation was successful and the train was derailed as per instructions. A naked astral projecting shaman appeared to ask why we had done this to the Massai – and asked that we do right by them. Oxana and I said we’d listen to what they had to ask, Solana agreed.

the Mako

Runaway Train, the Mako's Log (part two)

Public report:

  • Various options were considered for what approach to take
  • One of the shift foremen was debriefed and interrogated for further information
Further information:
  • After discussion it seems that an explosion planted by the tracks with a lot of explosives is one option – 32kg of commercial explosive should knock it off the rails
  • Marshall may be able to seize control of the train with a sat-uplink
  • A huge bomb may also be an option – 32kg would also take the train out. It may be possible to use explosives already being transported (which would only necessitate obtaining a suitable detonator)
  • Marshall found 3 addresses for people who we could debrief
    • shift foreman in upscale/midscale Nairobi
    • loader who lives in local slum
    • security staffer who lives in different local slum
  • We determined that the foreman would have the best information so staked out his home. When his partner (male) and children (2) arrived it was decided to take him from the Aerospace Port
  • When he left the building Solana stole his will and made him call his partner, explaining he would be late home and to drive the car to a bar. At a set of traffic lights he was able to remove her mental control and started to return home. At that point I seized control of his vehicle; during the struggle the foreman was injured
  • Oxana demonstrated her fine medical skills in preventing the foremans death through injuries sustained during his apprehension. We then relocated to an empty prairie where further medical treatment was performed, and interrogation of the prisoner was undertaken
  • Oxana and Solana took the lead on the interrogation and were able to obtain some useful information;
    Tui moko
    • Earliest shift is 8am start, loaders come on shift throughout the day at 5 hour intervals
    • Security are armed with automatic weapons
    • Explosives are carried roughly every week (mostly they are shipped by helicopter), with the next shipment due on Thursday (in 3 days time)
    • Whilst they are not carried in the same car they are usually at the rear of the train so that they can be unloaded first
  • Before being returned (in the area of a hospital) his memory was altered so that the foreman would remember being carjacked but nothing more

the Mako

Runaway Train - part two
  • You gave some thought to digging under the tracks, including stuff like using armour with non-conductivity mods; this would reduce the risk but not eliminate it entirely
  • You also thought about shutting off the electricity to the track in the five-or-so hour period between train journeys. You noted that you hadn’t seen any junction boxes on the prarie.
  • You established that you’d need at least 32kg of commercial explosives to knock the train off the rails if you couldn’t dig under the tracks (and thus use a shaped charge to much greater effect)
  • You reiterated that you needed to mess with the train towards the end of its run towards the mass driver rather than in the middle of the route.
  • You discussed means of getting the explosives and started talking about trying to use explosives being transported to the mass driver.
  • Marshall identified three possible targets for interrogation at your request:
    • A foreman living in a nice-ish part of Nairobi (Middle Lifestyle)
    • A loader living in a slum area (Squatter/Low Lifestyle)
    • A security staffer living in a different slum area (Squatter/Low Lifestyle)
  • You investigated the foreman, establishing that he lives with his husband and two children.
  • You waited for him to come to the car park at the Aerospaceport
  • Solana used a Control Thoughts spell on him to get him to call his husband to say he was going for a drink. This prompted an argument between the two, causing Oxana to rename the mission “Operation Homewrecker.”
  • He started driving away from home for about a minute before shaking the spell off at a red light. Thus, Tui carjacked him, critically wounding the foreman in the process. Pulling over rapidly, Oxana treated his wounds before you all drove off into the prairie.
  • Solana and Oxana led the interrogation, with Tui providing menace in the background. You learnt that explosives were carried every week or so, in the rearmost car of the train. The foreman said he didn’t know anything about the quantities or specifics of the cargo as he didn’t much like explosives and was uncomfortable carrying them. He also detailed the loaders’ schedules; their shifts start every five hours from 8am.
  • Once you’d got all the information, Solana used a spell to alter the foreman’s memories to forget his carjacking and interrogation. You dropped him off at a hospital to deal with his concussion.
Runaway Train, the Mako's Log (part one)

Public report:

  • Reported to Aegis Cognito office in the Pretoria-Witwatersrand-Vaal (PWV) Metroplex as per instructions.
  • CO gives documents, Marshall appears to be suffering from excessive heat.
  • Journey takes 1 hour to cover 200km, with 4 trains a day. 1 week window.
  • No Stonewall MBT, military vehicles or explosives available. May be used but need to be obtained on site.
Further Information:
  • The principle, Ne’nowne, can be contacted through Mama Adao at the Carnivore Restaurant, River Road neighbourhood. He may be able to help secure assistance or goods as needed. We hope to
  • Solana may have discovered a paramilitary/guerilla group who may be convincable to offer aid/munitions. Their node is on a state of the art node supported by Neonet. Better to source other options if possible.
  • Commercial explosives/construction equipment may well be suitable for removing tracks.
Intel Gathering:

After visiting both Aerospaceport and following the line it seems that the train is clearly most vulnerable when in motion assuming an ambush has range (approx 800m effective range for the MGs defending the train) or is using explosives.
Tui moko
The tracks are large and heavy duty with an ozone smell that suggests electricty
defence/power). Sensor package every 100m or so, Marshall confirms they’re sensor package for wireless signals, power flow, etc.

Thoughts for execution – the intention is to use construction-grade explosives to blow the track as a train approaches, ideally timed at a place where another train will pass to attempt to take down two trains for the price of one.

the Mako


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