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  • Nicky Apiata

    [[:tui | Tui]] served under Captain Apiata during his time in the NZSAS and feels a strong bond of duty and respect to her now. As far as he’s concerned she put her neck out during his court-martial to try and keep him in her squadron and whilst he’s …

  • Hilary Mavea

    After a brief period working as a mercenary, and finding the people he was crewing with deeply unsatisfying, [[:tui | Tui]] met Hilary in a San Antonio all night cafe and got talking. The next day she offered him work, not very satisfying but without the …

  • Saleh Selim

    A fairly new acquaintance in Cairo, Saleh is a good source of advice on things from a good night out, a reliable guide for a site-seeing trip or a decent place for breakfast – and perhaps can advise on less legal matters too.

  • Wirimu “Willie” Ripia

    A long time friend and one of the few people of [[:tui | Tui's]] _iwi_ (set of people bound together by descent from a common ancestor or ancestors; literally: bone; modern meaning: tribe). The two were friends from childhood and whilst Willie joined Tui …

  • Aurelia

    Aurelia, [[:solana-belasco | Solana’s]] daughter's babysitter, lives outside her neighbourhood, coming from a poorer family. Solana met her through Zayanya’s teacher, who spoke highly of her as a responsible young woman. Solana was pleased to learn, …

  • Coatolec

    Coatolec is a Corporate Manager within Aztechnology. [[:solana-belasco | Solana]] knows him from years ago, and mostly uses him to pass messages back, as well as to keep an inside line on what is really happening in her country.

  • Shin

    Shin, [[:solana-belasco | Solana’s]] Talismonger friend, is a Japanese immigrant from Kyoto. They met due to moving in the same circles. They hit it off and when they have the chance they spend time together, working on new spells and new items. They both …

  • Malick

    One of the Knights of Rage guarding "Project Imago":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/corporate-intrigue/wikis?tag=project+imago, [[:oxana-petrova | Oxana]] made efforts to befriend Malick.

  • Oxana's Sister

    [[:oxana-petrova | Oxana]] lives with her younger sister, whose role in the Vory v Zakone causes regular and demanding strains on Oxana's time, resources and availability.

  • Crushworthy freedom fighter

    A Siberian rebel force known as the Sagan Zaba Brigade seized control of Yakut territory around Lake Baykal in January 2064. Rebels also secured isolated pockets of resistance in portions of western Yakut at the same time. They are committed to overthrow …