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  • Oxana Petrova

    h4. [[Beliefs and Instincts | Beliefs]] # I want to go to Heaven when I die. Therefore, I always support Christians who need my help. # I believe that shapeshifters are sapient beings deserving of metahuman rights. I will fight to ensure that they …

  • Laibon

    Laibon is the traditional Maasai title for an elder shaman. In this way, it is an anonymous honorific, almost like “Mr. Johnson.” Laibon’s real name is unknown. When he was only a child, as the world was first Awakening, Laibon had a vision in which the …

  • Malick

    One of the Knights of Rage guarding "Project Imago":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/corporate-intrigue/wikis?tag=project+imago, [[:oxana-petrova | Oxana]] made efforts to befriend Malick.

  • Oxana's Sister

    [[:oxana-petrova | Oxana]] lives with her younger sister, whose role in the Vory v Zakone causes regular and demanding strains on Oxana's time, resources and availability.

  • Crushworthy freedom fighter

    A Siberian rebel force known as the Sagan Zaba Brigade seized control of Yakut territory around Lake Baykal in January 2064. Rebels also secured isolated pockets of resistance in portions of western Yakut at the same time. They are committed to overthrow …