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Welcome to the wiki for the Corporate Intrigue campaign. This is a Shadowrun campaign planned for the hiatus during the Ghost Cartels campaign, with a focus on high-level corporate shenanigans, espionage and general badassery.

The Pitch lays out the idea for the campaign right at the start.

Character Creation tells you everything you need to know about getting started.

House Rules does exactly what it says on the tin.

Aegis Cognito is your employer…and they’re the ones who provide your Standard Loadout.

Planning Missions has a little info on one Dumpshock poster’s approach to this issue

The Timeline gives you the history of the Shadowrun world from 1999-2072

Mission Debriefs

  1. Monkeywrench
  2. Runaway Train
  3. Project Imago
  4. Colombian Subterfuge
  5. Insubstantial Rumours

Main Page

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