New Jesuits

Like the original Society of Jesus, the New Jesuits are headquartered in Vatican City. No name has been proposed as the hypothetical Commander-General of the Society, though it would seem logical for that individual to be a member of the papal Curia. Their activities outside Vatican City are either limited to Aztlan or successfully concealed.

Rumours describe the New Jesuits as (meta)human-intelligence agents organized like a paramilitary group. The New Jesuits are said to include hackers, military-trained personnel, and undercover agents. Rumour also claims that a significant proportion of New Jesuits have undergone cybernetic modification to some degree. The New Jesuits are believed to be brilliant scholars of theoretical magic, to the point that they could likely teach postgraduate courses, but not a single one is magically active. The reason given by those New Jesuits who could be persuaded to part with such information is that it would open them to unacceptable risks, considering their mission. They have been described as “magophobic augmented soldiers of God that could debate the hind leg off a donkey, with a Bible in one hand and an SMG in the other”

Their primary mission is to investigate the Aztlan government and Aztechnology. They want
answers to a couple of pressing questions that the Holy Father in the Vatican has about the situation. Unsubstantiated rumours propose that the order is at the core of various nominally Catholic, anti-Aztlan factions, including at least one active terrorist group. Other rumours claim that the Jesuits’ sole purpose is to protect the church and its congregation from further oppression. Their main public duties at present are to protect the churches and their congregations from Aztlan hostilities, even though Aztlan’s harassment of the Church has lessened due to the start of the war.

Currently, the public operations of the Church in Bogotá are under the supervision of Archbishop Diego Rodriguez, who operates out of the Archbishopric Cathedral of Bogotá on the eastern side of Bolivar Square. It is unknown if the covert activities are run out of the same cathedral. The New Jesuits are seen as much less extreme than the Order of the Temple and as being much more tolerable and agreeable to finding a peaceful solution to the Bogotá problem.

New Jesuits

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