Standard Loadout


  • OxanaFFBA Full Suit, Globetrotter Camouflage Jumpsuit (w/GPS), SecureTech Helmet, Forearm Guards & Shin Guards (11/9 armour worn)
  • SolanaGFFBA Full Suit, Globetrotter Camouflage Vest (w/GPS), SecureTech Forearm Guards & Shin Guards (9/7 armour worn)
  • Tui – Camouflage Suit (w/GPS) or Armour Jacket (w/GPS), Full Suit of FFBA, Full Suit of SecureTech PPP (16/14 armour worn)

Weapons (per team member)

  • Either Ares Predator IV (Heavy Pistol) with Advanced Safety (Biometric), Chameleon Coating, Flashlight (Low-Light), Gel Rounds x15, Personalized Grip, Regular Ammo x15, Skinlink, Smartgun System (Internal) or FN-AAL Gyrojet pistol [Special Weapons] with Advanced Safety (Biometric), Chameleon Coating, Extreme Environment Modification – I: Underwater, Flashlight (Low-light), Gyrojet Rocket (Plus) x10, Gyrojet Rocket (Taser) x10, Personalized Grip, Skinlink, Smartgun System (Internal)
  • Ares Alpha (Assault Rifle) with Advanced Safety (Biometric), Flashlight (Low-Light), Foregrip, Gas-Vent 3 System, Gel Rounds x42, Grenade Launcher, Personalized Grip, Regular Ammo x42, Skinlink, Sling, Smartgun System, Internal
  • AZ-150 Stun Baton
  • Survival Knife
  • Grenades (2 of each type): HE, Incendiary, flash-bang and thermal smoke
  • Mini-grenades (2 of each type): HE, Incendiary, flash-bang and thermal smoke

Matrix (per team member)

  • Singularity Battle Buddy (Response 7, Signal 6) with Analyze (4), Analyze (Viral Resistance) (5), Armor, Biometric Lock, Biometric Reader: Print Scanner, Browse (4), Chameleon Coating, Command (2), Edit (4), Encrypt (6), Firewall (6), Hardening, Iris Antivirus, Pro User Suite, Purge (Viral Resistance) (5), Sim Module, Skinlink, System (6), Tac Net Software (4), Tactical Satellite Mapping

Gear (per team member)

  • Antidote Patch, Rating 6
  • Earbuds, Rating 3: Audio Enhancement 1, Skinlink, Select Sound Filter 1, Spatial Recogniser
  • Fake SIN, Rating 6
  • Fake Licenses, Rating 6 – security personnel
  • Goggles, Rating 6: Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-Light, Skinlink, Smartlink, Vision Enhancement 3, Vision Magnification (Optical)
  • Simrig
  • Stim Patch, Rating 6
  • Subvocal Microphone
  • Tranq Patch, Rating 10
  • Trauma Patch

Gear (shared between whole team)

  • Area Jammer (Rating 6)
  • Autopicker, Rating 6
  • Electronics Toolkit
  • Laser Microphone (Rating 6)
  • Maglock Passkey, Rating 6
  • Maglock Sequencer, Rating 6
  • Medkit, Rating 6
  • RFID Camera x3
  • RFID Microphone x3
  • Satellite Link
  • White Noise Generator Rating 6
  • Wireless Adapter

Standard Loadout

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