Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge - part eight

  • Solana dropped the Invisibility spell on Tui and summoned a Plant Spirit before they rendezvoused with Oxana in the cell block. Solana approached the five guards on station shortly after the roving patrol (eight guards and two warform cheetahs) had headed up to the first floor.
  • Oxana and Tui snuck up behind the ground floor guards. Solana’s Plant Spirit created an aura of silence to disguise the noise as the team took all five of them down. Oxana finished off the ones that were merely unconscious while Tui stood watch and Solana unlocked the cells and briefed the guerrillas. They didn’t seem particularly convinced by her authority but played along, arming themselves from the fallen Aztlan soldiers and the team’s spare weapons. The armed ones were briefed to head into the barracks and start executing sleeping soldiers.
  • Matters proceeded much the same on the first floor – by this point, the team had freed 200 guerrillas and armed about 20 of them. Tui’s radar sense indicated that the guards on the second floor were arranged somewhat differently, however: three at one stairwell, and two at the other.
  • Oxana and Tui snuck up the stairs to the three guards, while Solana did likewise up the other one. Protected once again by Solana’s spirit’s aura of silence, Tui fired a high-explosive minigrenade into the guards. Their armour absorbed most of the blast, but two of the three were knocked down – unfortunately, the third used the opportunity to press an alarm on the wall. The team made short work of the guards, though, before they realised that the top-floor guards and the patrol were rapidly making their way to investigate the alarm.
  • Tui and Solana took cover behind opened cell doors, while Oxana was in one of the cells trying to revive a sedated Awakened guerrilla. The first enemy combatant that arrived was one of the warform cheetahs (the other carried on down the stairs and engaged with the freed guerrillas), which Tui turned into a fine paste using his assault rifle.
  • Seven of the thirteen guards entered the corridor (the other six carried on down the stairs and engaged with the freed guerrillas), filling the air with a hail of suppressive fire after Tui popped a mini-grenade at them. Laying prone, Tui readied two regular HE grenades; one landed right in the centre of the advancing enemies, but the other rebounded and exploded right back where it came from. Thankfully, Tui’s armour absorbed almost the entire blast.
  • Meanwhile, Solana called up her two spirits (unbound Plant Spirit and bound Guardian Spirit on its last service) and tasked them to attack and kill the guards.
  • At the end of the session, the team had freed 200 guerrillas and armed about 20 of them; some of them were also wearing parts of the Aztlan soldiers’ armour, but given it’s not personalised for them it doesn’t offer particularly good protection (better than nothing, though!). Some of those guerrillas were in combat with six Aztlan soldiers and a warform cheetah. On the second floor are eleven unconscious and/or dying Aztlan soldiers, plus one knocked down but still conscious. Oxana has woken one of the 50 sedated Awakened guerrillas, and managed to calm her down enough to start removing the magemask.
  • Marshall had also been signalled to start his part of the liberation.


Couple of points – first action against the 7 third floor guards was a minigrenade, followed by two standard ones (one of which was my nemesis!).

Second is more a question really. Have the rules about “blasts and barricades” changed from 2nd Ed to make them nasty rather than “WTF!?!”

Colombian Subterfuge - part eight

Edited to sort first problem!

As for the Chunky Salsa Rule, essentially I just neglected to apply it because I am a terrible person.

Colombian Subterfuge - part eight

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