Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge - part five

  • Marshall got in touch regarding the team’s first set of proper objectives at the POW camp near Medellín in Aztlan. The objectives are as follows:
    • Make trideo recordings of the prisoners, guards, interrogation rooms, and the medical infirmary. Footage is needed of active interrogations and any instances of prisoner abuse.
    • Obtain all medical records for the injured prisoners from the infirmary.
    • Sneak into the communications centre and replace Aztlan intelligence files with files constructed by Amazonian intelligence (provided).
    • After the files are transmitted, liberate the camp and return the Amazonian soldiers who are in fighting condition to Bogotá, while the injured prisoners and any remains of dead Amazonian soldiers are to be turned over to Agent on their way back to Bogotá
  • Marshall also arranges delivery of some etcher nanites needed to allow you to pose as Aztlan military. You have some time to prepare before they arrive and you can set off…
  • The journey into Aztlan was characterised by clear-cut rainforest and relative safety, until a Toxic Juggernaut crashed out of the trees and decided to eat the team’s vehicle. Between Oxana‘s driving, Tui’s use of the onboard machine gun, and Solana’s magic, however, you were more than able to defeat it and carry on towards the POW camp in your disguise as Aztlan soldiers. The only thing missing was transfer papers, but you were hopeful you could blag it in.



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