Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge - part four

  • Began with looting from the killing last time
  • Tried to establish whether there had ever been a facility in this location – indications from the state of the road was that there might have been
  • Upon returning to Bogotá, eating and getting cleaned up, made a plan and headed back to The Abyss in their car rather than the Humvee in the evening
  • Bartender this time is a male troll called Pablo (according to his t-shirt)
  • Started interrogating Dominic Martin, who seemed surprised to see the team but managed to keep his calm outwardly
  • He offered them the GPS navpoint for the POW camp, which the team fed back to Marshall, who said that the location was deep in the rainforest and he couldn’t therefore see much there
  • Solana then reconnected with Esmerelda, and exchanged the tank the team handed over for her to check Martin’s data. Esmerelda said that the location Martin handed over wasn’t the location she would have provided.
  • The team left the bar in the car and parked round the corner, while Solana spied on Dominic astrally until he left the bar in his car. Tui attempted to run the car off the road (unsuccessfully) and Oxana shot out both front tyres and Solana successfully cast Control Actions on him. Oxana and Tui beat him to submission with stun guns and then the team abducted him by tying him up, gagging him, stripping him of communications gear and sticking him in the boot of the car.
  • Tui dumped Martin’s car in a nearby alley while Oxana drove Solana and Martin to the safehouse
  • Oxana changed Martin’s underwear, after he messed himself when stun baton-ed into submission
  • After healing Martin, Solana interrogated him, assisted by magic and the rest of the team. He revealed that he was Aztlan military intelligence and a lot of details of the Vicar General’s security plan.
    • She’s staying in the El Hotel del Eldorado in the Aztechnology Business Complex (ABC)
    • The complex is a heavily walled-off section of town with military checkpoints at all the major intersections leading in. Guards thoroughly search the vehicle and scrutinise credentials.
    • ABC has ten-metre reinforced concrete wall around it, with gun turrets, guard towers, security cameras, patrolling military aerial and ground drones, and patrolling spirits (including blood spirits!).
    • Checkpoints have strategically placed concrete barricades to prevent just ramming through, plus retractable pilons in the ground to block vehicles entirely.
    • Only Aztlan SINs will allow them to book a room in the hotel as El Hotel del Eldorado has had to up its security significantly.
    • VG heads out about 7am to do her thing and returns to the penthouse (50th floor) around 8pm.
    • Vicar General’s Jaguar and Leopard guards have completely locked down the 49th floor (the one below the penthouse) so there are no occupied rooms near the penthouse. Rating 3 motion sensors in each vacant hotel suite to make sure no one tries to get in from below. VG’s security have complete control over who gets in and all security cameras, VIP elevator, sensors, door locks etc. controlled by a military grade node.
    • 49th Floor patrolled by six Leopard Guards (Grade 2 Initiated adepts) and 4 warform cheetahs.
    • Penthouse has access to an adjoining helipad complete with modified Aztechnology AZ-100. This is the VG’s escape route; failing that, it’s the VIP elevator down to the underground parking structure to a heavily armoured Rover Model 2068 (guarded by 4 Leopard Guards).
    • In the penthouse are 5 Jaguar Guards plus a Force 6 Fire Spirit. Emergency stairways locked by two R6 maglocks with R4 anti-tamper.
    • Background count aspected towards Aztec magicians; is low in the hotel, gets stronger the closer to the teocalli you get.
    • Escape route involves encountering Aztechnology security forces, plus aerial or ground drones, plus military vehicles carrying Aztlaner troops. Inside the ABC, enemies aim to disable the vehicle and use non-lethal means to acquire the VG. Outside the ABC the tactics turn lethal.
    • Helicopter has a biometric lock (tuned to the Jaguar Guards) and six stealth RFID tags planted in its electronics system and a basic termination system. Rigger will try to guide it to either the rooftop of the teocalli or El Dorado airport to recover the VG.
  • They got the name of his superior from him as well
  • Over in the Abyss, Esmerelda still wasn’t shifting on the subject of taking the Vicar General so Oxana went to talk to Xavier Ortiz
  • Ortiz was genuinely shocked by the news about Dominic Martin and agreed to provide the location of the POW camp (which he did). He also asked Oxana to abduct one of the Vicar General’s aides who’s meeting with some Aztlan guerrillas in the jungle in the next 72 hours.
  • Oxana also agreed to hand Martin over to the Catholic Church
  • There was some discussion as to whether to check the information with Esmerelda, which the team eventually decided against on the basis of operational security
  • The team handed Martin over to the Church, as agreed, and reported to Marshall that they had the location



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