Corporate Intrigue

Colombian Subterfuge, the Mako's Log (part seven)

Public report:

  • Tui examined the armoury; it features an assortment of weapons and ammunition
  • Oxana gets into the comms centre and exchanges the data as instructed
Further information:

Armoury has 20-30 spare, standard Aztlan loadout assault rifles along with an assortment of captured guerilla weapons (which are well catalogued), including Ares Alphas, combat axes, SMGs, AK-97s. There are a couple of spare LMG and HMGs, plus an assortment of ammunition.

The data upload took around 15 minutes, giving Oxana opportunity to install the satelite uplink to allow Marshall to assist with vehicle and drone support to the attack.

Tui moko

Future plans:

We go through the prison, dealing with the guards on the first floor, freeing the prisoners there – equipping five with uniform and assault rifles (and five further with pistols), these five then go to the barracks to a) deal with the sleeping guards and liberate additional weapons.

Marshall will seize the drones (using them to neutralise the bunkers protecting the entrance and the HQ, and then going to take on sleeping/off duty guard in the barracks) and one of the hummers – this will take out the internal chain link gate and, if working still, to attempt to go on to damage the central guard tower.

We then move upwards and repeat on the second floor, then the third (where Oxana will start to wake the drugged magically active folks, with assistance from any medically trained prisoners) and fourth.

Once the alarm is raised then it’s a case of maximum violence, shock and awe, massive killing and the like.

the Mako



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