Corporate Intrigue

Columbian Subterfuge - Part Ten - Sola's Log


  • Infiltrate base of operations, plant evidence, leave.
  • Kill on sight order on a list of double agents.


  • Largely unknown situation.
  • Unknown timescale.
  • Travel through jungle risks attack by Amazonian forces.
  • I, personally, am low on spiritual backup.

On the Ground

  • Rendevouzed with Agent and some other Amazonians.
  • Gathered gear – unifroms, armour, nanopaste disguises, spoof fingerprints and identities.
  • Request for non-lethal means of dealing with any Amazonian forces attacking us.
  • Ambushed by six Vampiric Amazonians – dispatched via non-lethal means (knocking out and throwing from the tank.
  • Small localised blaze started by Tui.
  • Received mortar fire closer to encampment, Oxana avoided.
  • Entered the base of operations, timescale received – new assignment in 14 hours.
  • Contact made with Lucas Santos, leaving in 1 hr on a flight.
  • Tui remained as shadow on Lucas, Oxana to examine HQ, myself to find exit routes.
  • Contact made with Amanda da Silva in HQ
  • Flight delayed.
  • Oxana inserted wireless adaptors, and Marshall completed adjustments.
  • Tui unable to out granades in Lucas’ pack.
  • Tui called down a Loki striek on the flight, but it missed by a comfortable 200m.
  • High Alert called.
  • I dispatched a jaguar spirit which killed Lucas in the LAV.
  • I placed invisibility upon Tui and Oxana who then murdered Amanda and left her in the Mess Hall.
  • Took point at the gate in our tank, before leaving under concealment from a spirit, and invisibility where necessary.



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