Corporate Intrigue

Monkeywrench Part Two - Sola's Report

Recon and data extraction.

  • 7am – I went in (disguised by the Mako) and took the parcel to the fifth floor. The guard is uninterested in checking anything more about the van than paint job and it broadcasting the right transponder signal (and that’s an assumption). Lift only grants access to the relevant floor, and guards seem to be unsurprised to see someone arriving. I used this opportunity to use the toilet, gaining more information about which labs were where.
  • 3pm – Oxana went in, under disguise. Marshall and I went along in the Matrix and Astral. Downstairs guard sends a message to the lift to come, and with an attached floor number, Marshall believes this also sends a message to that floor. One guard comes out of the meeting room and takes delivery, before heading back in once he has seen the lift doors closing.
  • Guard downstairs becoming suspicious of how long we are taking, and that we are removing items.
  • Guard upstairs will want to see us in the lift and will alert the others if we don’t leave, his absence would also be a problem as it would alert the rest of the guards.
  • We will deliver all the parcels we have (to explain why we might be up there longer than expected) and Marshall will provide us with delivery dockets from the building to cover the items we are removing.
  • I will alter the guard’s memory once we have access to the floor, so he remembers us leaving and will return to the meeting room.
  • Gather packaging materials and documentation, store in van.
  • Deliver packages to the building (Solana invisible).
  • Rewrite the guard’s memory so he returns to the meeting room.
  • Plug a wireless adaptor into the security systems to allow Marshall access.
  • Marshall will then remove all traces of us on the security system.
  • The Mako will rewire the wiring, and search the Research Lab.
  • Oxana will search the Virtual Research Lab.
  • I will search the cubicles and offices.
  • We will reconvene at the lift and return to the parking garage.
  • We will drive back to drop off the recovered material.

The situation went exactly as we had planned (bar a little reorganisation – I found the security point while the parcels were unloaded and then the Mako plugged in the adaptor while I dealt with the guard) until we reconvened.

At this point there was an explosion from the floor below and the sound of gunfire. The Mako was able to tell that there was a humanoid drone advancing upwards to our floor. The guards ran out of the meeting room, and the Mako suppressed them as we took the opportunity to get into the lift.

I asked Marshall to get the guards to stand down, as this was not the drill they were expecting. I was concerned that they would die needlessly, as they didn’t have the requisite ammunition to deal with a drone.

In the parking lot both Oxana and the Mako were considering returning, I felt we had done enough under our job parameters and needed to leave. As the shutters were coming down the other two agreed to leave, and we only just made it out in time. A few blocks away we were stopped by Knight Errant and quizzed about a stolen drone. As we were all in order and appeared to be what we were pretending to be, they let us go fairly easily.

We then dropped off our recovered items (3 Nexi and 19 optical chips of unknown content, plus 4 optical chips labelled Project Paracelsus) to the parcel company and returned for debrief.



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