Corporate Intrigue

Project Imago - part three

  • Intruders on the ground floor killed in violent confrontation
  • The opposing team’s hacker used pre-planted explosives in Ms. Sayers’ desk to create a hole through into the basement level and dived through it. Tui followed.
  • The hacker (an ork) then started planting explosives on the entrance to the “containment area,” which went off shortly after Tui killed the shadowrunner
  • Once the containment area was breached, AR messages from fleeing beings, presumed to be AIs, came flooding in
  • Also messages from the anonymous director who impored the fleeing beings to stay
  • Upstairs, Knights of Rage organised helicopter extraction of scientists, not helping the Minutemen at all
  • Surviving shadowunners were questioned by Solana
    • They had been hired in Carasir (Portland) by a Telestrian Industries Johnson who had replaced Dr. Sayrs with a doppelganger, in order to facilitate a smash-and-grab.
    • They were to target the Containment Area and the Memory Regression Suites for the Johnson; anything else they found was theirs to take
    • Their exit plan was to get to their hidden car, drive to the docks in Cardiff, and take a boat out into the Irish Sea where a waiting T-bird would take them to Tir Tairngire
  • Oxana gathered some intel from Gordon Browne’s computer
  • Tui got hold of the runners’ getaway car to facilitate escape
  • All Minutemen staff fired, effective immediately!



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