Corporate Intrigue

Runaway Train - part two

  • You gave some thought to digging under the tracks, including stuff like using armour with non-conductivity mods; this would reduce the risk but not eliminate it entirely
  • You also thought about shutting off the electricity to the track in the five-or-so hour period between train journeys. You noted that you hadn’t seen any junction boxes on the prarie.
  • You established that you’d need at least 32kg of commercial explosives to knock the train off the rails if you couldn’t dig under the tracks (and thus use a shaped charge to much greater effect)
  • You reiterated that you needed to mess with the train towards the end of its run towards the mass driver rather than in the middle of the route.
  • You discussed means of getting the explosives and started talking about trying to use explosives being transported to the mass driver.
  • Marshall identified three possible targets for interrogation at your request:
    • A foreman living in a nice-ish part of Nairobi (Middle Lifestyle)
    • A loader living in a slum area (Squatter/Low Lifestyle)
    • A security staffer living in a different slum area (Squatter/Low Lifestyle)
  • You investigated the foreman, establishing that he lives with his husband and two children.
  • You waited for him to come to the car park at the Aerospaceport
  • Solana used a Control Thoughts spell on him to get him to call his husband to say he was going for a drink. This prompted an argument between the two, causing Oxana to rename the mission “Operation Homewrecker.”
  • He started driving away from home for about a minute before shaking the spell off at a red light. Thus, Tui carjacked him, critically wounding the foreman in the process. Pulling over rapidly, Oxana treated his wounds before you all drove off into the prairie.
  • Solana and Oxana led the interrogation, with Tui providing menace in the background. You learnt that explosives were carried every week or so, in the rearmost car of the train. The foreman said he didn’t know anything about the quantities or specifics of the cargo as he didn’t much like explosives and was uncomfortable carrying them. He also detailed the loaders’ schedules; their shifts start every five hours from 8am.
  • Once you’d got all the information, Solana used a spell to alter the foreman’s memories to forget his carjacking and interrogation. You dropped him off at a hospital to deal with his concussion.



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