Corporate Intrigue

Runaway Train, the Mako's Log (part two)

Public report:

  • Various options were considered for what approach to take
  • One of the shift foremen was debriefed and interrogated for further information
Further information:
  • After discussion it seems that an explosion planted by the tracks with a lot of explosives is one option – 32kg of commercial explosive should knock it off the rails
  • Marshall may be able to seize control of the train with a sat-uplink
  • A huge bomb may also be an option – 32kg would also take the train out. It may be possible to use explosives already being transported (which would only necessitate obtaining a suitable detonator)
  • Marshall found 3 addresses for people who we could debrief
    • shift foreman in upscale/midscale Nairobi
    • loader who lives in local slum
    • security staffer who lives in different local slum
  • We determined that the foreman would have the best information so staked out his home. When his partner (male) and children (2) arrived it was decided to take him from the Aerospace Port
  • When he left the building Solana stole his will and made him call his partner, explaining he would be late home and to drive the car to a bar. At a set of traffic lights he was able to remove her mental control and started to return home. At that point I seized control of his vehicle; during the struggle the foreman was injured
  • Oxana demonstrated her fine medical skills in preventing the foremans death through injuries sustained during his apprehension. We then relocated to an empty prairie where further medical treatment was performed, and interrogation of the prisoner was undertaken
  • Oxana and Solana took the lead on the interrogation and were able to obtain some useful information;
    Tui moko
    • Earliest shift is 8am start, loaders come on shift throughout the day at 5 hour intervals
    • Security are armed with automatic weapons
    • Explosives are carried roughly every week (mostly they are shipped by helicopter), with the next shipment due on Thursday (in 3 days time)
    • Whilst they are not carried in the same car they are usually at the rear of the train so that they can be unloaded first
  • Before being returned (in the area of a hospital) his memory was altered so that the foreman would remember being carjacked but nothing more

the Mako



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