Director of the Transys Neuronet/T-99 Project Imago R&D Facility


Never actually seen, Cerberus was Director of Transys Neuronet/T-99 Project Imago R&D Facility along with Gordon Browne. When the supposed AIs were fleeing the facility, Cerberus was heard over AR imploring them to stay.

Cerberus appears in the Matrix as a large humanoid in a dark gray trench coat, heavy cloak, and fedora; his features are obscured by a grey cloud, but the cloak is clasped together with a brooch in the shape of a three-headed mastiff with glowing green eyes. Besides his research director position at Project Imago, Cerberus works for NeoNET, or more specifically Celedyr, as a sort of combination shadowrunner and Johnson, albeit one far stranger and more powerful than most. He will make arrangements with runners just as often as he will handle matters himself.


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