Crushworthy freedom fighter

Freedom fighter


A Siberian rebel force known as the Sagan Zaba Brigade seized control of Yakut territory around Lake Baykal in January 2064. Rebels also secured isolated pockets of resistance in portions of western Yakut at the same time. They are committed to overthrow the “tyranny” of the shapeshifters and the powerful nature spirit Vernya that rule Yakut (Siberia).

Oxana met her beau during a Russian border patrol (raid) into Sagan Zaba territory. Her beau is one of the Evenk, an indigenous people nearly wiped out by the Soviets in the mid-20th century who have clawed their way back from oblivion. They have fought a fierce insurgency to gain independence from the Yakut government and avoid falling under Russian control.

Originally reindeer herders, Evenk culture and lifestyle resemble that of the American Plains Indians (whose ancestors migrated from Russia over the Bering ice caps). Evenk magical tradition bears a striking similarity to Native American ways, both exhibiting a strong shamanistic streak revolving around animal totems. There are rumours that the Sagan Zaba rebels have ties to Evo’s CEO, the free spirit Buttercup.

Crushworthy freedom fighter

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