Laibon is the traditional Maasai title for an elder shaman. In this way, it is an anonymous honorific, almost like “Mr. Johnson.” Laibon’s real name is unknown. When he was only a child, as the world was first Awakening, Laibon had a vision in which the ancestor spirits of the Mt. Kilimanjaro holy land appeared to him and told him that they would need his help in the coming times. Laibon has answered that call, striking back at the corporations that defiled Mt. Kilimanjaro, fulfilling the destiny ordained for him.

Unsurprisingly, Laibon does not consider himself or the Maasai tribesman who serve with him to be terrorists, but freedom fighters, fighting to take back their holy land. Nor does he take credit for the various “propaganda of the deed” actions that he has orchestrated. Although a powerful, initiated Lion shaman in his own right, Laibon sees himself as nothing more than a conduit for the will of the spirits.

He appeared before Oxana, Solana and Tui to demand that the team promise to “repay their debt” incurred by having framed the Maasai for attacking the train. Solana agreed, whilst Tui and Oxana said they’d listen to a request.


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