Corporate Intrigue

Insubstantial Rumours - part one

  • The team (plus Marshall!) assembled at Aegis Cognito’s Washington FDC office for their briefing with C.O.
  • They got Marshall to research Donald Melch, discovering the following:
    • Melch leases a house with another man, David Phillips
    • IDEA’s FDC office is in the Interpol building, just off US50, near the FBI building. It’s a ten-storey building.
    • Melch’s office is on the first floor (second floor in Americanese)
    • There is heavy security in the lobby with MAD scanners for guns and SIN checks.
    • Four watcher spirits patrol the ground floor.
  • Solana used Divining to gather info on how to approach Melch
    • She had a vision of a business meeting where the communication was clear and direct, but the visitors left disappointed
  • Team asked Marshall to set up a fake charity interested in tempo rehabilitation and set up a meeting with Melch on that basis for the following morning
  • They also asked Marshall to look into any other possible leads. He found a trid of someone named Dr. Vance having lunch with Justice Hino on the Z-O Habitat about three months ago. Dr. Vance is an Evo genetic therapist who lives in the FDC area.
    • The team were able to arrange to meet Vance at his FDC-area brownstone the following afternoon.
    • Marshall reported that the house was protected with either wireless-inhibiting paint or a full-on Faraday cage as he couldn’t find any devices inside the house.
  • The team spent more time planning and working on cover stories and so on. During this time, Marshall found conflicting evidence about Vance, indicating that he had another home/office location, this time in an Evo-sponsored high-class gated community in FDC.
    • He also reported that the records about the ownership of the brownstone seemed to indicate Vance had had it for three years, but were only a week old.
  • The team speculated about what that might mean, and then decided to investigate the brownstone themselves. They discovered that the house was empty, almost like a showhome, aside from some photographs (primarily just of Vance, but with one of Vance and Hino) recently hung on the walls pulled from publicly-available sources.
  • The team scouted out the Evo compound and decided not to attempt to breach it; it was patrolled by drones and watcher spirits, and they were concerned about the implications of heading onto extraterritorial land and getting caught.
  • They also left a couple of voicemail messages for Vance, using the commcode linked to the gated community address rather than the brownstone.
  • The next morning, the team met with Melch.
    • He saw through the charity deception but didn’t throw them out immediately.
    • He confirmed that he had been on Zurich-Orbital Habitat a month ago, but that he had only met with Chief Justice Hino by AR; she had apologised for this, citing workload.
    • He also indicated that he was very frustrated with Majia Wright’s (his predecessor) obsession with Aztechnology, and that he thought the Lone Star vs. AZT decision had been inevitable due to AAA megacorps’ desire to protect extraterritoriality.
  • The team talked about meeting with Majia Wright, but Marshall covertly advised them against it, as she was the client.
  • Asked Marshall to arrange a meeting with IDEA staff who were close to Majia
  • The session ended just before the team headed to their meeting with Vance at the brownstone



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